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We Don’t Live in a Capitalist Society

America falsely labels our economy capitalistic. However, this is a misnomer. A true capitalist society is based on survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive. So, in a pure capitalist economy, former President Obama would’ve never bailed out “too big to fail” companies. They would’ve just failed. Further proof that we live in a racially biased country are the multiple companies complaining about being understaffed—despite the numerous under-employed (and unemployed) Black people in this country. These companies are holding out for qualified White candidates. In a purely capitalist society, only the most qualified individuals would get the job. Also, people would be paid based on merit. Right now, people are paid based on their race and gender. White men earn the most. Hispanic women earn the least. However, we’re all aware that—if you go to any professional job that entails service—the Black people will be the hardest working employees. This is despite being paid less than our …

Combatting Racially-Charged Reverse Psychology Tactics

This post is late; however, I want to talk about combating these tactics. This post stems from the racially-charged reverse psychology attacks that Black men received during the Jussie Smollett controversy. Many Black men were skeptical about the entire incident. Some were like myself. I was on the fence. I didn't have all of the details. So, I decided to wait until more information was released. Furthermore, before speaking up for Jussie Smollet, I wanted to know would he emphasize his attack as being a racially-charged attack or a sexuality-charged attack. We have to be very selective of whom we speak up for--lest we have another Teresa Klein incident.
Now, Black people with their thinking caps on didn't immediately jump to Jussie's defense. However, that doesn't mean that we initially believed the NYPD either. We sat back and gathered more details. Ultimately, his scars and the medical report would reveal the truth. Moreover, it did. Jussie did not have the kind of i…

The Obama Effect

Right now, the American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) Movement is moving forward at full throttle. Democrats are scratching their heads like where did this come from. This all originated from President Obama's intentional neglect of the circumstances of the Black community—especially Black men. President Obama did something for everyone except Black men. Furthermore, despite President Obama being a Black man himself, he increased the status for all other "minorities" except Black people. His benign neglect policies--along with centuries of neglect--are what has triggered the intensity of this movement. Furthermore, Democrats promoting politicians that will speak for everyone else's interests, except Black people's, further fueled the passion of the ADOS Movement. President Trump being in office simply encouraged White supremacists to be more open with their racism. This has caused even the most ignorant of Black people to wake up to the racist environment that we …

Educated, but still Game Goofy

Sorry to my fans. I’ve been busy with life, so I haven’t had time to post like I used to. Furthermore, eventually, I’m going to transition these posts to my Patreon. However, for now, I want to talk about two recent situations that’ve caught my attention. One is more obscure—unless you’re heavily involved in academia. The other involves Dr. Myron Rolle. Now, for confidentiality purposes, I’ll change the name of the other professor. We’re going to name him Dr. Drake. So, let’s start with Dr. Drake.
Years ago, Dr. Drake made an observant comment. He said that the media has no issue showing images of Black people being disenfranchised and attacked, but never shows (or discusses) the history of Black people using armed resistance. He said that’s considered to be Anti-American by society’s proclamation. He never went beyond that. He just pointed out the double standard. However, “journalists” took his words and twisted them. “Journalists” said that he was being Anti-American and promoting t…