The Media’s Influence on Culture

Anyone that reads my posts can tell that I’m an ardent anime fan. So, I’m going to point out something that I’ve peeped in recent animes that’s becoming a norm. I’m noticing a rise in harems in animes that aren’t harems. Examples of these are animes such as “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” “The Rising of The Shield Hero,” and “Overlord.” None of these animes are harems. They’re all isekais. 
An isekai is an anime about a protagonist that gets transported to another world. Examples of older isekais are series such as “Inuyasha,”  “Fushigi Yugi,” and “Digimon Adventure.”
It used to be that harems were a very defined genre. Most harems were mostly slice of life—albeit done in different settings. They’re generally favored by women—ironically. However, the aforementioned series hold more serious tones and are favored more by men. Also, these series are more popular than isekais typically are. Prior to the popularity of Sword Art Online, the last major isekai was “.Hack//Sign.” I never got into that series. However, it appears that it was a typical isekai.
Now, this brings me to 1 of my points. Right now, isekai series are popular. Isekais have found a way to incorporate harems into serious series without detracting from the series. In the aforementioned series, the women are the ones making the 1st move.
Now, this brings up my 2nd point. It’s not lost on me that Japan is in the midst of a population decline.

Also, from the street interview, it’s obvious that Japanese men aren’t bothered by not dating. However, in the interview, it’s obvious that the women are more bothered by this. As a matter of fact, in Japan, men that’ve checked out of the dating scene are called “Herbivore Men.” Now, this goes back to my previously mentioned point, “the women are the ones making the 1st move.” Since the women are more bothered by this, they’re going to have to actively change it.
This brings up my 3rd point. The way men are built, it’s like we’re biologically designed to desire multiple women. Moreover, 1 sexually undisciplined man can simultaneously impregnate multiple women. However, 1 sexually undisciplined woman can’t get impregnated by multiple men. Furthermore, most women birth 1 child at a time. It’s rare that they birth more than 1 at a time. Also, once a woman is pregnant, she can’t become pregnant again during her pregnancy. However, men don’t get pregnant. So, sexually undisciplined men can spread their seeds far and wide. We see this now in the Black community. So, what better way to jumpstart a population than to promote polygyny? 
This brings about my final point. The media is used for more than just entertainment. Media is used to socially program societal norms into people. Since ADOS are children, we’re programmed to hate ourselves and value Whiteness above all. Black women are programmed to view Black men as incompetent. Currently, Black men are being programmed to be effeminate and homosexual. For the longest, we’ve been programmed to be submissive to women—rather than the inverse. Pay attention to what messages you’re presented and what messages you absorb.

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