A Lot of Black People are Comfortable with Failure

Black people have an unrealistic loyalty to their detriment. A lot of Black guys out here complain all of the time about black women, but wouldn’t think of stepping out; they consider that treacherous. And to go further, I just realized this epiphany recently that most black people are afraid of success, and those that actually use game (real game) offer a chance to succeed to women, and that scares them. I’ve been lacing my homie recently and he’s shown the responses women offer him about his ideas and goals, and a lot of them tell him that he offers possibilities that they can’t even fathom. He scares them (and they let him know this) because they tell him that they’re not ready to move forward despite knowing that if they get with him, they’ll move forward (they tell him this too). Also, they make excuses when proposed ideas to better themselves because most black people have become too comfortable with failure. My homie has a white female and a black female. The white one has no problem listening to him and progressing; the black one offers excuses every step of the way. From this it dawned on me that most black people are imbedded with being comfortable with failing so much so that the thought of success scares them. While most white people are imbedded with the desire to succeed and all it takes is a person to offer them a chance to succeed and they’ll take it.  –TheKing_65 (May 1, 2013)

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