Dudes Putting Broads on Pedestals

A recurring theme out here today is guys being disrespected by women. A lot of guys out here type that they’re entitled to things but subconsciously feel differently. For instance, a lot of guys out here will change up their requirements for 10s and allow disrespect, flakiness, and a lack of cooperation on behalf of these women because they feel that women like this have enough leverage on their side to be able to treat them like this. Guys out here will talk about how “women of quality” aren’t letting you fuck on the 1st date, aren’t breaking bread, and/or generally aren’t going to follow your instructions on GP unless you’re famous or some baller. Furthermore, when guys out here see women doing this shit for ordinary guys they automatically start assuming that she lacks self-esteem or doesn’t know her market value. The actual notion that she knows her market value along with knowing his doesn’t even register; this right here is subconsciously putting women on pedestals. You’re clearly sending yourself a message that I can’t attain top-notch women until I become a baller (because you can be a top-notch dude without being a baller). Once you send yourself these messages you’ve already lost. I know without a doubt that every guy out here that types/thinks like this is failing. I also guarantee that the dudes within their inner circle or the guys that they’ve noticed attaining results never thought for a second that they shouldn’t be getting the results that they're getting. Despite how much you clean up, stack your paper, and spit nice sounding ism, until you get your heart and mind dedicated into believing that great things should come to you, you’re going to continue failing. Our subconscious minds bring to light what we’re trying to hide in the auras that we give off. You have to master your conscious thoughts so that they impact your subconscious thoughts so that your mind gives off the right aura to attract people and obtain the results that you want. –Jason Williams (01/03/2014)

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