Dudes Taking L's Gracefully

Before I start I just want everyone to know that I’m a huge anime/manga fan and have been one for several years, and because of this I’ll be using my favorite anime, Cowboy Bebop, to illustrate my point.

Now then, nowadays, dudes are less capable of accepting L’s gracefully. This is a huge problem because in the game of life itself sometimes we’re going to win and sometimes we’re going to lose. We have to be accepting of both. It’s best to view L’s as learning experiences. W’s are learning experiences as well.

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*Spoiler Alert*

Alright, in the anime Cowboy Bebop: Ganymede Elegy, Jet gets dumped by his girlfriend. She never explained why she did it; she just ups and leaves one day. Several years later Jet comes to planet Earth to deliver a bounty he just caught along with his Bebop crew. While delivering the bounty he speaks with an old friend from his police days who still is in the Force but now takes in outlaws that have been captured. He briefly talks to Jet and mentions Jet quitting the Force and leaving Earth and not coming back in so long. Jet’s friend also mentions Jet's girlfriend who lives on Earth and has a business that is closing its doors. The business used to be successful but now it isn’t. Jet goes by his former lover’s establishment and chats with her briefly. He reminisces about the past but he doesn’t dwell on it or show any anger towards her. He leaves after this. During his chat with his lover Jet’s former colleague hits up the Bebop crew and speaks with Spike and informs him of a bounty on Earth that hasn’t been released to the masses yet. It turns out that this bounty is Jet’s ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend. Spike begins tracking this bounty and sees Jet along the way. He informs Jet of this. Jet lets him know that he’ll handle this. Jet tracks and stops the bounty along with his ex-girlfriend (who was attempting to leave with her lover).

This is the synopsis of this episode. Now then, after Jet’s girlfriend left him she went off on her own and made her own decisions; some of these decisions were bad decisions which ultimately caused her new boyfriend to commit a crime on her behalf. The reason she left Jet is because she said she felt like a little kid being with him because he had all of the answers and she never had to do anything but stick by his side. In essence, she wanted adventure and Jet wasn’t that; Jet was a sure thing. Her mind wasn’t ready for that. Basically, she was dumb and a loser. She told Jet why she left when Jet caught her boyfriend. Jet didn’t get upset about this. He simply accepted it and moved on. He tossed the locket he had of them from years prior that he still had in his pocket and that was the end of that.

*Spoiler Alert Over*

This is how you accept an L. You don’t get upset and throw a temper tantrum. You simply move on. Nowadays, dudes are killing bitches for breaking their hearts. That’s self-destructive and stupid. Nobody should hold that much power over you. Women scorned are the same, and these scorned women eventually get over their scorn or slowly die alone. Harboring hatred over the past that you can’t let go of will prevent you from moving on. It also causes you to have a very negative spirit which turns off any potential prospects. This even causes your looks to deteriorate. This is why it’s so imperative to keep your spirit in check and not harbor hatred over the past.

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