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I chat with people about this a lot because oftentimes people complain about the people today not having healthy eating habits as opposed to the people of yesteryear. However, today’s people actually eat far healthier than say people in the 1950s. There’s been a heavy campaign to promote healthier eating due to the huge weight gain our country faces. Even fast food restaurants have introduced healthier options. Back in the 50s, it was nothing to eat fried food, fast food, and candy but yet people still managed to maintain healthy body sizes. I once went to 7/11 and grabbed a ham and cheese sandwich which contained 720 calories. This sandwich had lettuce and tomato on it. Ham in itself isn’t really a high-calorie meat. It’s not a bad choice for a deli sandwich. The reason the sandwich was so unhealthy is that of all of the additives now being put into our food. KFC no longer is called Kentucky Fried Chicken because it has been determined that the meat they used as their namesake isn’t chicken. McDonalds had to change their hamburger recipe recently due to a TV chef complaining about the low-quality meat they were using. Cheese today is loaded with enzymes which is one of the primary reasons why lactose people can’t eat it. Finally, a lot of our foods, in general, have GMOs in them distancing them from the more organic foods of the 50s. These added chemicals (along with more advance health cures) may very well be the reason people are living longer, but this may also very well be the reason why people are having so many health issues. Companies tell us that they add these additives for our benefit, but foods like honey have had the pollen removed from them so that it can’t be traced for origin. These chemicals in our foods are the primary reason why Americans are bigger now. “3rd world” countries around the world say that Americans will eat anything because our foods’ quality ratings are so low that humans shouldn’t be consuming them. Taco Bell’s ground beef is barely above being dog food. Pink slime is the excess parts of a cow scraped from the bone and grounded up really finely into a pink mixture; it’s pink because of the blood mixing with the meat and bone. To make this edible, chlorine hydroxide is poured in to kill the bacteria. I just want people to think of this next time someone complains about how unhealthy Americans eat and how big we are; there’s a reason behind this. –TheKing_65 (September 25, 2013)

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