No Black Person In America Should Shop On Black Friday

The verdict has come down in the situation of Darren Wilson, and the message is crystal clear: in the eyes of the dominant society, Black lives do not matter. We live in a system of white supremacy where Black lives can be taken or destroyed with impunity at any given moment.
The white supremacists have shown us that they feel that they can do anything they want to Black people and we can’t do anything about it. And they have the military muscle (police, swat, National Guards, and etc.) to back them up. Many Black people woefully accept this narrative because trying to replace the system of white supremacy with a system of justice is indeed quite challenging.
The primary way the system of white supremacy is used to control and disempower Black people is through the economy of the white supremacists. So the way for Black people to empower themselves is through economics. Melanoid people are going to have to utilize the income they use to empower every other group (particularly groups who turn around and disrespect Black people in return) to empower themselves.
The main thing Melanoid people should do is start creating businesses within their communities. Dr. Claud Anderson has several books such as Black Labor White Wealth and Powernomics, on how Black people can accomplish an economic base.
The first thing Melanoid people can do this week is boycott the Black Friday shopping day. If we are going to live in a system where white supremacists can murder Black people with impunity, we need to send a message. If people who murder Black people are protected by other suspected white supremacist law enforcement, media, jury, financial contributors, and political representatives, then Black people should limit the circulation of our dollars to these institutions.
So this Black Friday do not spend money anywhere in the United States unless you are going to shop with a Melanoid establishment.
#BLACKFRIDAY –Melanoid Nation Blogger (November 25, 2014)
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