Power of the ISM!!!

Effects of the ISM!!!
If the ism flowing in and out of you is right she’s going to suffer a withdrawal without the ism; she's going to run into people reminding her of you. She'll try to talk herself out of hitting you up, knowing damn well it's going to just attract her more and more to your game.
She won't sleep or eat right, putting her health at risk & won't even be bothered with anybody else; family, friends, coworkers, etc., it doesn't matter, she'll cut people off so-called trying to wean herself off of you, that ism. That drug she gets high on. She’ll go through stress & depression. Her whole world will fall apart without you being there giving her the quality that she needs. When she comes back, she'll wonder how she can make it right with you & fix it--taking full fault in her emotional decision to leave in the first place. She will pay double the price, or whatever the fee, to fix it just to get that second chance. –Stop Simping Movement (04/15/2013) *The original UPA post date.*

(The below was a comment made on the original post on UPA.)

It’s the fighting of demons within her mind of you. She’ll sacrifice herself to the streets to go against this (cheap dates and stolen moments to those men of a lesser degree). She’ll go without sex for a long period or give out sex on a platter for the escapism of it all. The hate-mongers who oppose the true game she has accepted from you will give her abused tools to use in the hopes that she will break free. They’ll tell her the grass is greener without you, and she’ll believe that bullshit until she discovers the grass upon which they spoke of is artificial turf. Time reveals all. –DGFAB (Don’t Give A Fuck About A Bitch) courtesy of UPA

(The below is an unpublished post I once made which piggybacks off of the above post.)

Power of the ISM!!!

When females are feeling that ISM full frontal it sends them to a state of euphoria. They begin hanging on every word you say like a trance. Their pussies get wet and their eyes fill with desire. They don’t want to leave your presence. They’ll even try to revisit you again on the same day just to experience that euphoria again.
Once that ISM kicks in all disagreements they had with you before cease to exist. They immediately start choosing you regardless of what reservations they previously had. Barriers crumble as you push their comfort levels; things they never thought they’d be doing start happening blissfully. Dignity and pride go out of the window for the sake of maintaining your company. Tears may even ensue. This is the power of the ISM. –Jason Williams (04/22/2014)

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(The anime that this video comes from is Berserk.)

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