What is a coon?

A coon is a nigger. There are different types of niggers, though. Moreover, you have the house-nigger and the field-nigger.

The field-nigger unknowingly supports white supremacy. The field-nigger goes around fucking shit up and shooting shit up. The field-nigger is the thug, chickenhead, or hoodrat in the streets going around robbing and being a complete menace to society. They make neighborhoods horrible to live in. Field-niggers do it to survive.

House-niggers knowingly support white supremacy. The house-nigger makes life dangerous for regular black folks because the house-nigger pushes propaganda. That's the motherfucker with the corporate job. He likely wears a suit to work and is at least considered middle-class in America.

Black Women can be coons too. However, a bedwench is a black woman with a white supremacist for a lover. If you take away her white man, she is now just a coon. Most bedwenches are house-niggers.

There are also levels to this shit, rankings if you will. You have your coons, and you have those that are dangerously stupid to be around. Finally, you have agents. An agent is the highest rank a coon could ever hope to be. Once a coon becomes an agent, they become a key instrument in promoting white supremacy. Coons, in general, promote white supremacy. However, an agent does it on a grander scale. He's/she's the type of person that will try to shit on black folks that have started moving progressively. He/she will disseminate misinformation to cause issues. An agent also loves to spy so he/she can inform his/her White masters. Agents love to divert attention from key issues to nonsequiturs. A coon becomes an agent when his/her actions are too detrimental to the black community. He/she goes from being just a coon, to an agent. –Stop Simping (October 13, 2014) “Ep 4: How to Deal with Coons”


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