Game > Scientific Statistics

The game transcends science or practical logic. A person can hit you with a million different reasons why something can’t be done, but someone truly laced will slip through the cracks.

For example: bankruptcy is supposed to be used to repay your debts when your debts exceed your assets and ability to repay them. However, a strategic thinking person like Donald Trump has figured out how to use bankruptcy to repay his debts, but reacquire his assets, and gain more than he had before. He’s filed bankruptcy several times but has A1 credit, and has made it to the pinnacle (billionaire status), so it’s possible if your game is tight enough (in the financial department). Game goofy people can hit you with a million different reasons why it’s improbable, but that doesn’t stop the fact that Donald Trump has done it several times. Game > Scientific Statistics –TheKing_65 (June 18, 2013)

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