Is The Game In You or On You

If It’s Not Beneficial It's Artificial. Authentic Over Everything

In this thread, I want to address the game being ON most cats rather than In them. Have the Game in you is what I, and most, aspire to accomplish. The byproduct being having that inner glow of confidence. However, many fail to accomplish this, leaving them wearing a shine of arrogance. Through much investigation, I have found that this failure to possess true inner game comes from approaching the game from the view point of a consumer/customer. You see when you approach the game, or whatever it is you are into, from the mindset of a customer you believe you can buy into it. Basically tricking off to get your desired result.

Example: Overdressing to look like a player or looking like money. Buying into a franchise instead of building an empire from the ground floor. Buying multiple pills and products to get in shape instead of learning the game and putting in the work.

All these things usually don't last, or require you to continue to trick off dough to keep up the appearance of success. Yes if you have the means to do so you can keep up this appearance of success, but you will not truly know how it is manifested. Meaning you will not be able to duplicate it and have it yield results without tricking off more money. I.e. continuing your journey in the game as a customer.

You see, true-and-just game can be multiplied and duplicated for free. Though there are initial costs of obtaining the game; the price is not always money! This cost could be time, discipline, improved work ethic, or overcoming a fear. Meaning when it's time to change your hustle or branch off into other fields of the game, your price will only be more time or more education. This also plays into the phrase "The rich get richer while the poor get poorer." You see, Rich people, or truly rich people, are up on game. They may lose everything and become broke at times, but they always bounce back with little to no money. Poor people continue to stay in this condition because they continue to attempt to buy the lifestyle they desire. Even if you give a person of poor mindset a million dollars, they will find a way to spend it to their demise. So I ask you, is the game in you or on you? Are you practicing consumerism or creationism? Do you want to look like success or be successful?

Having said that, what are you players doing right now or planning to do to obtain INNER GAME?

What am I currently doing?

I'm currently in the process of starting and obtaining game for a luxury clothing line similar to the likes of Louis Vuitton or Versace. Its principle is based on that of male and female equality and how their differences complement each other at their highest level. Yes! Some Mack shit. However, in accomplishing the inner game and producing a product that will survive the times, I've run into many shallow or low-level mentors and advisors. However, me overstanding the game, I receive their knowledge, but know I have to dig deeper to obtain the results I want. For example most advise me on choosing the right logo and finding the best screen printer. That low-level shit that is really irrelevant. When the true game is in finding out how to negotiate the best deals from my distributors and merchants, and receiving game on how to effectively write a contract. Should this contract be for ten years? Five? A month-to-month contract? Do I want to front my product to vendors then wait for a return? Alternatively, should I charge them upfront and let them markup the product? What degree of control do I lose if I change the latter?

Basically, inner game is truly what I am doing to actually yield the results I want. If I buy a nice car am I doing this because I truly like cars, or am I doing this because I believe women are attracted to men with this car? If I desire results from the game, then my game will effectively act accordingly, and I will be successful at attracting the women I want. However, if I'm lying to myself and saying I really like this car and don't need the approval of women then, my game will reflect that also! Moreover, my results will be that of weak game and arrogance. I.e.: the game being on me instead of IN ME!


~HighLife Phi (August 12, 2014)

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