Males Protecting and Providing only through Finances is simply Perception

It’s all about perception. A lot of you women look at a man protecting and providing only from the financial standpoint, and a lot of men do too. However, if a guy is pointing you in the right direction (since he’s supposed to be head of the household) and preventing you from making unnecessary pitfalls then he’s protecting through his leadership abilities. Furthermore, if the same guy is pointing you in directions to make money to bring back and contribute and support your common cause (which is his since he’s the leader), thus adding to the family pot, then he’s also providing because he’s opened your eyes to new lucrative possibilities that you didn’t see before by, once again, using his leadership capabilities. Finally, a woman contributing and supporting the relationship also does entail her adding to the pot (because women are working nowadays) because they’re together, so they’re working to build. –Jason Williams (April 26, 2013)

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