Mirror of Desires part 2

Being a blank canvas that others can paint as they wish far exceeds the realm of intimate seduction. I practice this exercise all of the time. Usually people that I interact with tell me that I remind them of so-and-so that they know. These are always people that they’re on good terms with. They simply romanticize me as being that other person. I further exude that person's traits by inquiring about that person to see how were they and what relationship did the person romanticizing me have with that person. I become so engrossed in their minds as being that other person until people will tell me that I look like so-and-so despite me not looking at all like the person. This allows me to break walls down easily and put people at ease since I remind them of someone that they’re on good terms with. This power is a great ability to use in general social settings because it allows you to get to know people for who they really are rather than the facades that they put up. The more you practice being a blank canvas the wider your reach becomes and the better your use of this ability gets.
This little mind-trick that seems pointless is useful in many aspects and powerful people use this. Politicians use this ability to sway you to their side. Bill Clinton did this back in 1992 to gain the support of young voters. He allowed himself to be portrayed as being hip with
the times and people forecasted their desires of what a hip president with the times would be like. When you’re interviewing for a job you attempt to do this. You try to become the blank canvas for what the interviewer seeks. You attempt to have the interviewer paint you in the light of what the company needs in order to obtain the job, so this little mind-trick has uses in social circles, political circles, and professional circles. When you choose to use this feature is on you, but practicing it until you’ve mastered it will allow you to cast a spell on those within your proximity so that you become that which THEY ALL seek, with ease.

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