Due to the frequency of police killings against Black people there have been noteworthy people creating documentaries to educate Black people so that they can increase their awareness of White supremacy and thus create a solution to combat this ever-growing problem. The solution is Black people must begin practicing group economics just like every other group does. The breadth of information being released now is fantastic but unfortunately people are beginning to rely on looking at the information and that’s it. Creators of this information have even come out and informed these professional-life-students that they aren’t creating all of these documentaries and releasing all of this information, which has already been out now for decades, so that people can become complacent in absorbing information. The purpose is to teach Black people how to combat the system of White supremacy. These professional-life-students are so dependent upon more and more information being released until they’ll go as far as saying they NEED more info. Being a professional-life-student is nothing to be proud of. Professional-life-students are like Afrocentrics that sit around and dialogue about information before going back home, or to their jobs, to continue dealing with White supremacy. The purpose of this information overload is to empower Black people to take strategic, purposeful, and tangible action against White supremacy. Rather than clamoring for more information, all professional-life-students need to go ahead and graduate to the action stage of combating White supremacy by networking with one another, planning with one another, laying groundwork amongst each other, and finally, following through on these plans.

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