Resting on your Laurels

This is a very thorough video by Rich of ReviewTechUSA. In this video he speaks about how when Microsoft was king of the gaming hill how they’re customer service suffered, but now that they’re competing to get back there once again, they’ve now stepped their customer service game up. This lackadaisical behavior by businesses is why many of them are suffering in breaking away from their packs. You have to do things that bring about success, and once you are successful you have to continue doing those things.

Further examination.

This notion applies to business as well as relationships. A lot of people put their best foot forward in the dating stages of a relationship but once comfort sets in (just like with businesses) they begin to rest on their laurels; they begin to take each other for granted which creates negative tension resulting in dissention which drives them in separate directions. Once again, you have to do what works and continue doing what has worked.

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