Tangible Assistance from other Groups to Combat White Supremacy

Due to the string of Black people being killed, there have been mass demonstrations from various groups including White people as well. This is great, but Black people shouldn’t take this to heart because at the end of the day this is simply symbolism. Symbolic gestures look good to the media, but in reality, they don’t accomplish much. All Black people that interact with other groups that state that they’d like to help should ask them to spend money at our establishments. Simply position it like this, “Whenever you’re out and about, and you need to do some shopping, shop at one of our establishments if possible.” The easiest and most tangible thing anyone can do is help us build our economy because only a sound economic base will combat these government-sanctioned killings. There are people asking other groups to take action such as pointing out the White supremacists on these juries, but the reality is this is unlikely to happen because other people have a code which enables them to benefit rather they participate in dastardly deeds or not. Furthermore, for people to find out this information requires a lot of work that most people aren’t willing to do because most people only do what benefits them, and helping fight White supremacy in a tangible way isn’t too beneficial to other groups, so make it easy for other groups to help us by simply asking that they shop at our establishments whenever possible. Now, any person that says they want to help combat White supremacy and is willing to hold a sign and the likes but isn’t willing to spend a dime with us is bullshitting. Recognize this and treat them accordingly and/or disconnect from this person completely.

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