Women's behavior can be really disgusting, and it's men's fault for that

The previous weekend, 10 days ago, I went out for drinks with two female friends. We sat on a table were a mixed group of 7-8 other people was present. I opened the group; I did some friendly discussion with all of them and some light flirting with two of the girls. In the end, we exchanged Facebook info with the two girls.

Fast forward, the previous Saturday. Out of the blue, one of the girls, a hot bimbo (8.5) sends me a message on Facebook: "Hey henry_k. How are you?" and a second message relating to the bantering we did: "We could do business with music. You remember?” We exchanged a couple of messages more, and we arranged to go out on the following night, Sunday.

On Sunday, I sent her a message to go out to a specific place at 9pm which she rescheduled for 10. I already had plans to go to that location with some female friends, as it had a Latin party, so I arrived there at 9pm to dance.

10pm o'clock comes and passes with no signs of her. At 10:30pm, she sent me a message to tell me "I am on my way. Are you still there?" to which I replied "Yes." At 11pm she sent me a message to ask me "Where are you?" and I responded, "Inside, by the bar." At 11:03pm, she sent a new message to tell me "I am leaving. They don't accept my credit card at the entrance." to which I responded, "Ok, next time."

The moral conclusion of the story is that she thought that it was okay to stand me up for 1 hour because she was hot. (She didn't know that there was an event at this place. She also didn't know that I would be there with friends.) Moreover--it's not only that--but with her last message she was expecting me to go to the entrance and "rescue" her by providing a solution to her problem. Moreover, you know what, it was not her fault. No, it was actually the fault of the endless hordes of guys that supplicated her in the past, that tolerated her flaky behavior, that gave effortless validation to her, and that provided drinks, entrance fees, and dinners to her. –Henry_k, October 29, 2014 (Courtesy of The Red Pill)
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