The Importance of Building Black Media Outlets

Not too long ago I heard that Bill Cosby tried to buy NBC some years back. He got a finger pointing him in the other direction. We may say that that's racist, but it's something we need to do. Imagine if you got a powerful Black person to buy a Dominant society TV station. What would happen? All of a sudden our Black agenda will be their agenda. They already know this and don't want to ruin the many years of White Supremacy programming they've done to this country. So am I speaking White Supremacist rhetoric? If you think that then you're not paying attention to my posts. There's a method to this ideology.

First, before I continue, our black owned businesses (especially the highly successful ones) should have a "Not for Sale" sign no matter how much the offer is. Let's dig deeper. Imagine if we, Black people, bought a small TV station and created Lion Head Broadcasting. Our programming is news coverage based around Black needs, sports, music, and our sponsors would be Black owned businesses like Flex Entertainment or Pan African Alliance. Don't you think we could play Hidden Colors on TV just like the Dominant TV media plays Roots or The Ten Commandments? Don't you think we could have commercial for Pan African Alliance Web Hosting like the GoDaddy commercials in the Dominant media? Flex Entertainment and Pan African Alliance gets even more buzz nationwide, bringing in more sales on a telecommunication level. This will attract more advertisers to our station as well.

"Wait a minute. They're not gonna let you do that!"

Who are "they"? We are "they". Our agenda is to build wealth and spread the truth throughout the Black communities all over the world. Lion Head Broadcasting is Black Owned and has no White Supremacist trying to quiet us and threaten our jobs if we speak out of tone with them. As long as we follow the FTC guidelines, we can do whatever the fuck we want. Let's say our small TV station goes from 400,000 viewers to 40,000,000 viewers in the U.S. This will attract all the non-Black TV stations trying to co-op our little TV station. You know what our response will be? Not for Sale. 

"How about 1 billion dollars?" 

"Not for sale!"

"How about 3 billion dollars?"

"Not for sale!"

"How about 20 billion dollars?"

"Not for sale"

It doesn't matter if our TV station is valued at $400 million... we control our narrative. We'll have more investigative reporters sounding like Jason Black. We'll have more CNN-styled news broadcasters sound like the Zo Williams morning show. The people we enjoy listening to on the Internet will be in abundance on TV now. It doesn't stop at one station. The next step is Cable TV. Being that our TV broadcasting will be more raw and direct, it will get viewership from non-Black folks as well. Here come the Execs again...

"Hey, how about 30 billion?"


Media outlets are very powerful. The reason why black folks are confused when it comes to an agenda for the Black struggle is because we don't have a media outlet to guide us. Let's be honest, TV guides the masses into thinking a certain way. That's why it's called programming. You can use this for good or for evil. Since the birth of Television in this nation we call the U.S. the programming has been used for evil when it comes to Black people. If we own our own media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.) we can use this programming for good. –Confidence Magnet (Courtesy of UPA, December 27, 2014)

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