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Coaching Available

To all of my fans, if you’re having issues I’m willing to address up to 5 of your concerns for $20. I’m willing to address individual questions for $5 a piece. Finally, I’m willing to have $50 1 hour Skype sessions to address any number of concerns. Feel free to hit my email

Be on the lookout for my book!

Be on the lookout for my book that I’m working on. I should’ve it out by September of 2016. It’s going to be a fictional storytelling book involving game, corporate social politics, dating, and sex. (In case people are wondering, no it won’t be about me.)

Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia

When Oregon was granted statehood in 1859, it was the only state in the Union admitted with a constitution that forbade black people from living, working, or owning property there. It was illegal for black people even to move to the state until 1926. Oregon's founding is part of the forgotten history of racism in the American west.

Waddles Coffee Shop in Portland, Oregon was a popular restaurant in the 1950s for both locals and travelers alike. The drive-in catered to America's postwar obsession with car culture, allowing people to get coffee and a slice of pie without even leaving their vehicle. But if you happened to be black, the owners of Waddles implored you to keep on driving. The restaurant had a sign outside with a very clear message: "White Trade Only — Please."

It's the kind of scene from the 1950s that's so hard for many Americans to imagine happening outside of the Jim Crow South. How could a progressive, northern city like Portland have allowed a r…

Survival of the fittest part 2 of 3 - The Rise

Outlined are strategies for climbing the ranks: 
The world gets more and more competitive each day, and people are resorting to lower lows every single day to get by and to get over. With the state of the world being what it is, the odds aren’t in your favor, but there are ways to tip the scale to increase your chances of reaching the top of the organization you choose to work within. These tips are for life in general, but I’m tailoring them to show you how it works for climbing the ranks in your career. Life is a competition, and we live in a global market, you’re competing with more people now than ever before. Many people are going to lose their minds because the competition is so stiff and they can’t take the pressure. It’s more important now than it has ever been to keep your wits about yourself, stay sharp, stay alert, and stay in a hustler’s mindset. It’s easy to resort to bullshit and bitterness when times get hard, and in your climb, you will encounter many who will resort to…

Econo Lodge Motel In Northern Florida Accused Of Racism

(Pay attention to the below post. I once read the book “Sundown Towns”. This book is very deep but very hard to read. This post talks about the experience of being Black while within one.)

Sundown Towns were locations throughout the United States where the unwritten (and sometimes written) rule was, Black people must be out of the area after 6 o’clock, or “sundown”. Most of these Sundown Towns were prevalent during the Jim Crow era. And many places in America still have sundown rules for Black Americans today.

This week, a group of about 90 adults and teens from Flint Michigan were wrapping up a college tour. On their way back to Flint, their bus had mechanical issues. They ended up spending the night at the Econo Lodge in Live Oak, Florida.

Coordinator Blake Odum says right after dinner is when the trip took a much different and disturbing tone.

“It was owned by white people. And they started taking pictures of all the kids as we were walking in and out of the hotel,” said student Meliss…

There Could Be a Fundamental Cause For Elevated Cases of Covert White Extremism This Year

It has been repeatedly proven that April is a busy month for the white supremacists. There appears to be more evidence to back this fact.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), March 27th of this year marked the 20th anniversary of the white extremist website,  The website serves as a rallying point for white extremists and closeted white supremacists that opt to correspond and network anonymously against the best interests of Melanoid people. Since April is already a month for elevated activity from white extremists, it is feasible to presume that this milestone year for the website would give these extremist groups the green light to “celebrate” in their own twisted way.

Since the website has been in existence for 20 years, this means that white supremacists/extremists have essentially had a place to come together and build since the early years of the general public’s access to the Internet. The website also features a radio show, where white supremacist…

No violence at neo-Nazi rally

Boos, obscenities fly, but just 1 arrest made at demonstration
An angry crowd hurled obscenities and chanted at neo-Nazis who led an hour-long rally in downtown Toledo on Saturday while a massive police force — many in riot gear — separated the two sides.

The National Socialist Movement event closed downtown streets for hours and drew about 200 counter-demonstrators and observers, who responded with vocal attacks but not violence to the speeches and Nazi salutes from about 30 neo-Nazis.

Unlike a decade ago, when a neo-Nazi visit sparked rioting in North Toledo and led to more than 100 arrests, Saturday’s event was tense but triggered only one arrest.

No arrests were made during the rally in front of One Government Center.

One person was arrested for disorderly conduct afterward, as police and deputies on horseback pushed the crowd out of a fenced-in area and dispersed spectators north along Huron Street toward Cherry Street. That led…

South Africa's White Supremacist Training Camps

You can view more videos from this channel here.

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Lady Schools A Belligerent Reporter! (Belligerent reporter gets owned)

(This is how you deal with a propaganda injected interview.)

I (Ms. Terri Oliver Owner/Director) have decided to address on social media the incident that occurred today at my beloved The Academy. A suspect in the midtown area either bought or sold drugs to an undercover agent. Once the individual discovered that he had bought/sold to an agent he fled the scene. They could not catch him. He ran to several business in midtown but somehow decided to stop at The Academy. He simply knocked on our door and presented himself as a parent/family member etc. Our staff opened the door and said "May I help you? Are you here to pick up someone?" He then stated I need to use the restroom. Our staff said "No sir we don't have a public restroom you have to leave". After a few word were exchanged our staff demanded that he leave and he did. Once he was out of our building the undercover police officers arrested him. They conducted their investigation. The media never reported t…

Healthcare Game

The health care industry is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing industries. There is a lot of undercover fuckery that goes on in the Healthcare industry. It's a game and the pharmacy/drug reps work with providers who work with insurance companies trying to get as much money as they can from consumers/patient's. Ever wonder why when you go to the doctor they want to provide you with samples or prescriptions for drugs? Well it's because the drug/pharmacy reps pay them and provide doctors with vacations to offer their drugs. This way a patient takes the drug, has side effects has to visit the physician again to get more prescriptions and the provider bills the patient's insurance company who then refuses to pay the bill and leaves the patient with a high dollar bill to pay. It's a vicious cycle but it continues because the majority of people don't look into their healthcare cost and charges. Even the recent Healthcare Reform aka Obamacare was just a…