10 Ways People Think the U.N. has Failed Us

Many people believe that the United Nations could have put an end to terrorism. In 1968, a Palestinian terrorist organization hijacked El Al Israel Flight 426.
The United Nations condemned the act of terrorism but failed to take action until the 9/11 attack in 2001.

Nuclear Weapons
Since the creation of the United Nations in 1946, The US was the only country to have nuclear weapons.
Despite the fact that 170 nations have signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, nuclear stockpiles still exist, and the UN has done nothing to stop it.

Sri Lanka
During the peak of the bloody civil war in Sri Lanka, a heavily populated area had a designated safe zone.
From January to April of 2009, 6,500 civilians lost their lives in this so-called "safe zone" and the United Nations made no attempts to intervene.

Child Abuse Scandal
In desperate times, countries like Bosnia, Haiti, and Cambodia called upon the UN peacekeepers for aid.
Surprisingly, these countries saw a rise in child prostitution in areas where peacekeepers were present.
Soldiers would bribe children with candy or small amounts of money for sexual relations. The UN did nothing to condemn the peacekeepers in fear of public shaming.

Power to Veto
The United Nations Security Council consists of 15 countries, five of which are permanent. When a permanent country vetoes a vote, sadly, the resolution cannot be adapted.
Some blame the United Nations veto rules for the Syrian civil war which has claimed the lives of 60,000.
In 2012, China and Russia vetoed the attempt to rid of chapter VII sanctions which was a catalyst for the war.

Srebrenica Massacre
The Srebrenica Massacre was the single worst act of mass murder since WWII. Another UN designated safe zone guarded by Dutch soldiers failed.
Serbian forces invaded the safe zone when the peacekeepers were at their weakest point, low on ammunition and fuel.
The soldiers did nothing while the Serbian soldiers raped and murdered 7,800 Bosnians.

Khmer Rouge
During the time of Pol Pot's extreme communist rule in Cambodia, Vietnamese, Chinese, professionals, and Christians were executed in masses.
Pol Pot fell to Vietnamese forces that invaded Cambodia in 1979. The UN failed to designate a true government because the conflict between Vietnam and the United States just ended.
In 1994, despite the killing of 2.5 million innocent Cambodians, the UN recognized Khmer Rouge as the true government of Cambodia.

Cold War
Universal Declaration of Human Rights became meaningless when Stalin continued to go against the charter, placing many in work camps and executing hundreds of thousands of people.
The UN continued to ignore Stalin's acts and did not act upon his atrocities.

Early on in the Darfur conflict, the Sudanese army was repeatedly defeated by rebel forces. The Janjaweed began carrying attacks for the Sudanese army, killing thousands of civilians.
Despite the atrocities, the UN did not enter Sudan until 2006, advising the African Union to intervene.
An estimated 300,000 Sudanese perished during the conflict.

Rwandan Genocide
The inability of the United Nations showed during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. The UN sent peacekeeping forces to Rwanda in order to secure the capital and give humanitarian aid.
Once things got worse, many civilians fled to a school for UN protection. After the murder of ten Belgium soldiers occurred at the school, the peacekeepers left, leaving the civilians to fend for themselves.

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