Lady Schools A Belligerent Reporter! (Belligerent reporter gets owned)

(This is how you deal with a propaganda injected interview.)

I (Ms. Terri Oliver Owner/Director) have decided to address on social media the incident that occurred today at my beloved The Academy. A suspect in the midtown area either bought or sold drugs to an undercover agent. Once the individual discovered that he had bought/sold to an agent he fled the scene. They could not catch him. He ran to several business in midtown but somehow decided to stop at The Academy. He simply knocked on our door and presented himself as a parent/family member etc. Our staff opened the door and said "May I help you? Are you here to pick up someone?" He then stated I need to use the restroom. Our staff said "No sir we don't have a public restroom you have to leave". After a few word were exchanged our staff demanded that he leave and he did. Once he was out of our building the undercover police officers arrested him. They conducted their investigation. The media never reported that our staff did 'EVERYTHING RIGHT"!!! Not one child or adult was injured. Not one child came in contact with the suspect not one hair on any child's head was injured. God allowed the staff to remember what they had learned in training. God allowed the staff to be brave!! God covered the children at The Academy just like he has done for the last 21 years. I decided not to talk with the media because my focus was on the children and making sure they were safe. This story is not about a "daycare" its about a drug suspect that they arrested on our property. Regardless of how the media paints the picture I am proud of the staff at The Academy. They protected the children and got it right!! We should be celebrated and not attacked by the media. I'm thankful for the parents who trust us and know that we will protect their children no matter the cost and we did just that. WE GOT IT RIGHT!!!! –Terry Oliver, The Academy on Madison (January 20, 2015)

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