Narcissism is a character flaw that a lot more women exhibit nowadays. A lot of women that exhibit this character trait don’t even realize that they’re doing it. For instance, if you’re chatting with someone and they share information about what is currently going on with them and you listen and respond like a person that is interested in what they are saying then you are displaying traits of interest. Now say that when you share information involving yourself and they avoid engaging you. This is something that a person will do if they are disinterested in what you are saying. To test my theory try shifting the topic back to the person to see if that sparks their interest and causes them to once again engage; if so then you are dealing with a narcissist. If/when you determine a person to be a narcissist it’s best to cut that person off. Only deal with those that you share mutual interest in; if it’s one-sided then the narcissist is better off with herself or with someone lacking in the self-esteem department.

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