Strategic, Purposeful, Apathy

Right now Melanoid people are the victims of war. We’re in a systematic race war and being unjustly targeted and killed by White supremacists. Furthermore, the judicial system is placing White supremacists within the jury to perpetuate Melanoid genocide. Despite all of this there are still stupid Melanese people that strive to take the higher road, be apologetic for the lone actions of suspected mad Melanese individuals, and pray that goodness will win in the end. This hasn’t help Melaneses ever and never will, so it’s time to throw your compassion away and begin acting strategically purposeful in propagating Melanoid Empowerment. Furthermore, if some deranged mad man decides to act on his own accord and strike violently at the dominant society, Melanoid people need to remain steadfast and wait until more evidence is available before casting judgment, and finally ensure not to apologize nor explain yourselves for a lone mad man. We’re being attacked by unremorseful individuals, so the only way to deal with them is through strategic, purposeful, apathy along with Melanoid Empowerment.

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