The N-Word Updated 6 Code Words or Terms that Often Mean the Same Thing

As Richard Sherman pointed out after receiving criticism about his post Super Bowl interview, “It seems like [thug] is the acceptable way of calling someone the n word nowadays. Substituting the word thug doesn’t disguise the negative association with Black people.”

Urban/Inner City
The Black community is often referred to as urban or inner city when people are uncomfortable talking about Black people or where they live.

State’s Rights
During the Civil Rights Movement, politicians used racially coded appeals and words such as “state’s rights” to try and capitalize on the racial anxiety during that time.

Welfare and Food Stamps
When President Lyndon Johnson wanted welfare to include a racial component, it became possible to associate welfare with helping minorities. The same stigma is used with food stamps today. When Newt Gingrich called Obama “the food stamp” president, everyone knew what word he really was using.

Law and Order
During the Civil Rights Movement, the opposition said that “Law and Order” was needed to handle the racial tension and civil rights protests. In other words, we need to control the Blacks.

Cut Taxes
Making the poor and people of color sound more threatening, cutting taxes has long been racial code for not using tax payer money to help Black and brown people.

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