Empowering The Black Community Doesn't Have To Kill You

During the course of human history, there has always been a snitch or "agent" who fucked up a strong power movement. Black people are not the only ones who did this. In Europe, Julius Caesar was killed by a fellow Roman. Abraham Lincoln was shot by a fellow white man. So, agents and snitches come in all forms and all races of people. Let me break it down what causes this type of behavior and how we can reduce it or put an end to it in our culture.
1. First and foremost, the power structure punishment is more powerful than the movement itself. If you get caught trying to liberate yourself, you can be ostracized, castrated, humiliated, beaten, or killed. The success of the movement is an uncertainty, but the punishment has happened repeatedly to people close to you and around you. Most people don't want to risk their lives and "good name" for something that may or may not happen.
2. Lack of an immediate reward. If there is success, you are going to be going backwards. You have to rebuild and you are going to be weakened from the fight. You may win one fight just to lose another. Most people don't think it's worth it.
3. Lack of vision. It took African Americans about 400 years to become free from physical slavery. It may take a while before we can end the mental brainwash that slavery has put on us. This is why we must put small things into effect now. Small things happened to put us into this situation, and we have to do small things to get us to where we need to be.
I can go on and on about the reasons why revolts, governments, and civilizations crumble, but I thought these things well help us get an idea. I'm going to share some thoughts of how I think we can empower ourselves and simultaneously not have to get killed in the process. Remember that we don't need leaders to get us out this funk. All we need is a base.
I bought the book PowerNomics by Claude Anderson and he talks about a code of conduct. It's a good read. I highly recommend buying it. This is an idea I had as far as a code of conduct goes when it comes to getting your money and your community popping off.
First and foremost, fix your credit. Fixing your credit is the thing that's going to accelerate your process to building wealth. It could take you a lifetime to save a hundred thousand dollars, but if you have good credit, you may only need to save only $10,000 and borrow the rest. For those of you who are against borrowing money, you're going to need money to fund your empowerment. A good credit score is more valuable than any car, house, or money in the bank. You can get all those things if you have good credit and discipline.
Getting rich is a must. If you're religious and heard that money is the root of all evil, you got it wrong. The lack of money is the root of all evil. The evil that is happening in a lot of our black neighborhoods is not because we're rich, it's because a lot of our neighborhoods are poor. The wealthy black communities aren't even mentioned in the mainstream media. They exist... we just don't hear about them. The reason why you want to get rich first because this whole dilemma we're in starts with the individual. I love group economics, but individual needs must be met first. This is why people shy away from group economics. A lot of people have a "what are you going to do for me" mentality. Remember that lack of an immediate reward is one of the causes of movements coming to a screeching halt. So don't look to others for money, a "hook-up", or anything like that. Look to others for guidance and information. Even if you have to pay for it yourself. A sizable portion of all wealthy people's money goes to learning how to make more money.
Once you're rich, teach it to your friends and family. Your friends and family are the most important people in your life and they must come first before your community. When your community turns their backs on you, your family and friends are the people who hold you up and get you through the pain and anger. Without Betty Shabazz, Malcolm X probably wouldn't have been able to handle the assaults he was getting after he left the Nation of Islam. Also, when you're doing well, the first people who may pray for your downfall are the people closest to you. It's your duty to help your friends and family reach your level so they'll support you even further.
Once your family and friends are doing good, help at least one other black person fix their credit and become wealthy, too. We think that we need to help everybody succeed to be a successful race of people. Wrong. Even though the White community has the lion's share of the wealth in America, there are still poor White people who can't rub two nickels together. Our goal is to empower at least one Black nonfriend or family member. We do it not so they can pay us back; we do it so they can follow our footsteps. You want them to help their friends and family. You want them to help at least one other black, non-friend or family member as well. If you do this, no one feels the need to destroy you because they're being helped. Also, they don't feel like you're "raping" them of their wealth either, like some of these big corporations do.
Here's an example of how powerful this is. Let's say I fixed my credit and borrowed $10,000 to start a small home-based business. After 5 years, my business is turning a profit and making consistent money. Okay, being that I have a family of 5, I help them fix their credit and either help them start a business or give them a job in my business. That's six people who are doing well for themselves. Now, you have a neighbor who is struggling to pay bills but also wants to start a business. You help him fix his credit, pay his bills, and get a business loan to start his business. After 2 years, with your guidance, he's able to turn a profit and get consistent business. He has a family of 5 as well. He helps them do the same thing as well. That's twelve people who are either working or owning a business.
Here's where the power comes into play. Even though twelve people are doing well, each one of them can help one other Black person as well. From that initial twelve people, you may have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people with good credit, jobs, and businesses. This may take about 10-20 years (or less), but all you had to do was help one person. Here's the best part. Being that there are businesses all over the place, you now can buy from those Black businesses. Your money will bounce over and over throughout the year before it leaves your community. Once money is flowing through the community, schools can be built. Being that money is in the community, politicians will want to accommodate that community when it comes to some of these laws and policies. Being that we built that community all over again, we can start having more law enforcement officers looking like us. We can start building hospitals and clinics so our medical students will have a place to work once they graduate. One of us will come up with the bright idea to open a radio or TV station in the neighborhood. This is so we can start putting out images and messages specifically for our community.
So, what will happen if our community gets burned down like another Black Wall Street? If history has taught us anything, it has taught us that we are better when we take care of ourselves. So we won't sit there in the rubble and cry, we'll use our elected officials to even prevent this from happening. If it does, we'll just get together and rebuild it even better. Once our community is good, word will spread or people will move and build other small black communities all over the country with these principles.
Poverty is the root of all evil, not money. Once your Black community is not an impoverished community, the evil will subside. This is not the end, it's only the beginning. The next step is extending this idea and wealth to our people all over the planet. –Confidence Magnet, Courtesy of UPA (December 6, 2013)

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1 thing I’d like to add to his post is the 1 thing history has taught me and that is the need for security. It’s true that if/when Melanoid people get their economy game up, White supremacists will come along and burn it down again, but along with having the politicians in place Melanese people will have to take over and restructure the police force for physical protection and restructure the fire department for security purposes. Police officers have firearms and the right to use them, so they can be our weaponry team. Our establishments would be burned down again due to jealousy and envy, so owning the fire departments allows us to put out fires, and also firemen due more than just put out fires. Current times have led me to realize that if there aren’t enough fires to put out then they’ll start them and then put them out to meet their quota. Owning the fire department will allow us to retaliate in a strategic, purposeful manner. -TheKing_65 (January 27, 2015)

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