The Richest Black American You've Never Heard Of

Donald Watkins is paid. He's probably richer than Oprah who is publicly said to be the richest black American. I first heard about him over 10 years ago when he tried to buy the Twins baseball team. The MLB does due diligence on prospective owners and asked him for his financials. He wouldn't give them all his financials information which is normal actually. However he was unknown. No one had heard of him and he was going to spend a few hundred million. JP Morgan, his primary investment bank sent the MLB a letter saying he can comfortably buy the team and fund them. The MLB wouldn't take their word for it. Some financial magazines like Forbes said it was impossible for anyone (meaning a black person) to be worth that much money and they don't know about it. 

How did he make so much money? He is a civil rights lawyer. The word is he made around 20 million as a lawyer in Alabama. He went to Wall Street. He knew that serious money only deals with each other and never with anyone black. He told JP Morgan. Since you have access to these people where the big deals are discussed, invest on my behalf but only on deals where JP Morgan has also invested. The reason is he knew it wouldn't be a high-risk venture since the firm’s own money is involved. He was a silent partner, very silent. He supposedly made about 600 million in energy deals. Probably a few hundred more by now. 

Forbes still won't recognize him as being a billionaire. Cool thing about Watkins is he doesn't care. I like that he wants to stay under the radar. When he was going to buy the Twins he was going to build a special Hall of Fame museum for Negro League players and their own Hall of Fame. He's a very thorough dude from the little I've read about him. –Arsenal (November 21, 2014) Courtesy of UPA
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