We Live in a World of Chaos

While conversing with a friend it dawned on me that we live in a world of chaos because the people that run this world like having it that way.
For example, we have a military that’s always active and deployed in different countries and continents. However, the purpose of a military is for weaponry in times of war, so by us having a military we have a huge expenditure that we provide for 24/7, 365. The only time we need a military is when we’re at war. We do need trained personnel but they only need to be deployed during times of war. To go even further, the military has quotas that must be met and a need to show that it’s viable, so sometimes the military goes and starts conflicts, so it, in turn, can “protect and serve” the citizens to show its feasibility.
We have a police force that’s always active. We have cameras to monitor our movements, so we don’t need an always active police force. The only time we need a police force is when a crime is committed. Furthermore, over years and decades crime has gone down, so our government has in turn created new laws to criminalize citizens for just living their daily lives. To go even further, police officers have quotas that must be met and a need to show that they’re viable, so sometimes police officers frame individuals and then prosecute individuals just to show that having a year round police force is necessary.
We have fire departments that are always active. Accidental fires don’t happen too often, and although arson does occur, it's not enough to account for the amount of money we have to spend to maintain year round fire departments. Also, a lot of fires mysteriously happen with no suspects ever being found and/or identified. Fire people have quotas that must be met and a need to show that they’re viable, so sometimes fires get set and fire people go and put them out to show their worth and feasibility.
There’s money to be made off of chaos and strife, and the world revolves around money and power, so the people in power continually propagate chaos and strife. In order to create a world of peace and prosperity, those in power would have to be removed and the system we live in would have to be restructured from the ground up. Doing this would give rise to, and allow, new technology and innovation. Creating a new system of peace and prosperity would allow us to actually look into tangible methods of incurable diseases and would free up the necessary funding required for such researches and cures.

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