The Universe Is Watching: The Law of Giving and Receiving

As you read this post you will definitely be amazed. This post will set you on the right track as it did me some 15 years ago. This post is still about game, but on an astronomical level. Pimping is more than just having GAME; it's a way of life, and in life there are rules and regulations to follow. When I say rules and regulations, I'm actually talking about Universal Laws. These laws are way more superior, and once you learn them, you can then master them as well as manipulate them, but you can never, and I repeat never break them or ignore them. On my path to this thing of ours called GAME, I received a lot of Game from the finest players this side of Heaven, and I also paid my dues to acquire GAME, and I paid for the wealth of GAME that I myself acquired. And let me be the 1st to tell you, when I said I paid my dues I did just that, PAID. And when it comes to GAME, YOU PAY! And YOU PAY DEARLY. You pay for your GAME in 3 ways. You pay with your TIME, You pay with your Money, and you pay with your ASS. You pay with your time by just putting in work just to learn the Game. You pay with your money because a real true PIMP ain't going to hook you up on GAME for free, and lastly when you pay with your ass, it means if you learn the GAME on your own without Knowledge, or the correct knowledge; that shit can get you locked up for a long time or that shit can get you killed, that’s paying with your ass. 

THE GAME IS NOT FREE!!!!!!!!!!! It gets deep fellas. Back in the late 90's to the mid to late early 2000s, there was this religious craze going on in the religious community as well as the African American community called, "The Prosperity Gospel" meaning if you want a financial blessing you have to be a financial giver. Now before I had GAME I thought preachers were running a racket, but as I grew and matured, this is a UNIVERSAL LAW. The rules to this phenomenal law are basically easy. You see whatever you want to receive you first have to give that. You cannot, and I repeat you cannot receive 1st, you have to give 1st. It's called the law of giving and receiving, not receiving and giving; keep that in mind.

Now let's take preachers out of the equation, Have you ever witness multi-millionaires and billionaires practicing this law? Well, I can answer that question for you, and the answer is yes!! Millionaires and Billionaires call it PHILANTHROPY; they invoke this law just to receive, and here's the catch, you don't have to be a multi-millionaire or billionaire to incorporate this law.

Now back to the preachers, now I would watch: Dr. Creflo Dollar, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Fredrick K.C. Price, and Dr. LeRoy Thompson Sr. and countless others preaching, and smack dab in the middle of their sermon, parishioners would come up 1 by 1 giving these cats money. I thought these niggaz getting (receiving) all of this money, what’s up with that??? Yeah they were receiving, that's what the public sees, but the public didn't see these cats GIVING. The media has tried to label these cats as crooks and thieves, but 3rd eye open players know better, YOU CANNOT RECEIVE WITHOUT GIVING. If these cats are receiving money then they are giving money, plain and simple.

Very shortly I'm going to tell you all, or share with you all, how I incorporated this law of giving & receiving into my GAME using the examples of: Bitches, Clothes, Money, Meals, and etc.

Now you may be asking yourself how in the phuck can you give away a bitch. Well I'm about to tell you. I would meet cold ass bad bitches; these bitches would be nines and dimes, (that's all I fuck with, not bragging, just saying). Well, anyway I would meet a bitch and take her to cookouts, barbeques, get togethers, and what have you, and I would "Give the bitch away" by introducing her to my guys and hooking my guys up by telling the bitch, "You should date my Guy", and in some cases they would become a couple. And as a result of doing so, I would meet (receive) at least 3 cold ass bitches that were equal to or greater than the last bitch I gave away; see not only does the law of giving & receiving pay back, but it pays back with exaggerated interest, so don't hold onto a new bitch you just met, even if she is a dime, learn to give bitches away, and I guaran-damn-tee that you will meet a bitch colder and badder than that bitch.

You see the LIFE has rules, and one of the rules is the COP & BLOW rule. Now as a young player I would follow this rule, but as I started studying the law of giving & receiving, I took the law of COP & BLOW out of my play book and I'll tell you why. You see the COP & BLOW rule was established way before I was born, and the COP & BLOW is a rule that is a staple in the GAME. But COP & BLOW is in total violation of the law of giving & receiving. You see Universal Laws will always TRUMP man made laws. 

This is how the COP & BLOW law violates the law of giving & receiving. To cop something, or someone, what have you, means to RECEIVE, and to Blow means to GIVE. It's the law of giving & receiving in reverse. This can turn out to be hazardous to one’s own health in more ways than one.

Let's get into some GAME. In the movie the "American Pimp", The Archbishop Don Magic Juan stated: " When a player knocks (cops-receives) another player for his lady, that player is taking food off that player's table". 

I know players and square cats who have lost their lives with this COP & BLOW shit. Let’s kick some game. I knew one player who copped another player for his lady, come to find out he copped from a "GORILLA" that didn't want to let his lady go and the player lost his life just as the Gorilla lost his life to the penal institution. 

That’s the law of the COP; this is the 2nd part of the Cop, which is Blow. This shit can get your ass twisted. To BLOW is to GIVE. I know players who blew bitches off, and the bitch didn't want to (BLOW) leave. So what happened, these bitches became scorned and vindictive. These hoes made the lives of the niggaz that blew them a living hell.

Now this is my own observation, Iceberg Slim was saying in his book PIMP how he would always be prepared for if one of his hoes crossed him, he would always have a "double-cross". That's because Iceberg Slim's GAME was solely based on COP & BLOW. That's why when you read the book PIMP hoes would always cross that nigga and niggaz would cross him as well.

Iceberg Slim is one of my favorites, but his GAME had flaws, well to me anyways. But I still learned a lot from that nigga. Even though he was a hype, that cat had GAME. And what I learned from him is the things that a player shouldn't do. 

I'm going to share with you how I used the law of giving & receiving versus Cop & Blow. True story, I had this lil homie of mine, and he just got into the GAME, and he had this cold ass 18 year old female down with him. So, me and this lil homie was tight, I mean I really liked the young cat, but his game had some major flaws. For instance, he knew that I sold bitches GAME. (Side note P.I.s don't sell pussy, hoes do that, P.I.s sell GAME.) Now at this time, my lil homie, let's call him "Jon-Jon", was about 22 with this cold young bitch, and he would do dumb shit like bring his ONLY bitch around a nigga that sold game. He would have his bitch walk beside him instead of behind him. His bitch never dropped her head in the presence of another P.I.; and I'm thinking "this nigga is a P.I.?????". Well, anyway I was with one of my girls in the mall, and this young bitch who belonged to my lil homie, came to me with $500 in her hand choosing me. So, I took the money she gave me and threw that shit right back in her face. I then told her to pick the money up and go and give it to my Lil homie Jon-Jon. And I told her to stay the phuck out of my face. And if I ever see her in my face again, I was going to have my girls holler at her, and I also told Jon-Jon's bitch, to tell Jon-Jon that she tried to choose me, and much to my surprise the lil bitch told my lil homie everything that happened.

So, two or maybe three days after that incident I ran into that nigga Jon-Jon. I was at a soul food restaurant having breakfast, and that nigga came to my table and we exchanged salutations, but this nigga had this strange ass look on his face. He told me, that his girl told him everything that happened; now check this shit out!!!!! The lil nigga told me: “I’m glad you didn't cuff my girl and I want to thank you for not doing so". And how did this nigga thank me???? He thanked me by peeling me off the $500 that I threw back in the face of his girl.

The lil homie paid me for not cuffing his girl. The same money I GAVE back to the bitch is the same money that I received from her nigga. The law of giving & receiving trumped that cop and blow shit.

You practice the law of giving & receiving every day; how do you practice? Simply by breathing. You see in order to receive a breath you have to first give a breath. Now if you don't believe me, try this experiment; sit in a chair upright and don't give a breath out of your mouth or nose for the next 24 hours and let's see the results that you come up with. I guarantee you that you won't be alive to talk about it.

Some years ago, when I came across this law of giving & receiving, I was in a barber shop, and I had just came up on some money and was feeling very generous. I was feeling so generous that I treated everybody in the barber shop to a haircut, and it was a couple of bitches that was getting their hair done as well, so I treated their asses as well, so I ended up paying about $600.00 on my haircut/shave as well as other niggaz' haircuts and shaves, plus the fact that I treated these bitches.

To make a long story short, the next week I went in for my grooming, a nigga was like "your haircut and shave is on me because last week you paid for my haircut and shave" so, I said thank you. And the week after that a different nigga paid for my haircut and shave, due to the fact that two weeks earlier I paid for his haircut and shave. This shit went on for about the next 5-6 months of me receiving free grooming. And the bitches whom I hooked up with their wash and sets, hooked me up with free haircuts as well. The law of giving & receiving works if you work it. 

I have given clothes, and not any cheap shit, with the same results.
The law of giving & receiving will break the back of poverty, if it's in your life. And no, you don't have to give to a preacher or church, but the cat that's always asking for spare change, give it to him, no matter what he does with it, that money will always find its way back to you with interest.

So fellas start incorporating this law in your daily life and your life will change. No matter how small you start, but always get in the habit of giving every day and you will receive every day.
Universal Laws peppered with your GAME can take your Game to levels of ultimate heights.

So with that being said I would like to leave you with this:
"The Game is in my veins,
The Game is in my heart,
The Game is what I eat,
And The Game is what I fart!"

May God Bless You,
And May God continuously Bless, these United Players of America! Church!
The Reverend Dr. Beasley Gatez (UPA) -February 28, 2013

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