Getting Chose with Your Mouth Closed

In order for a guy to get chose with his mouth closed, he has to position himself in the right areas. Choose spots that you don’t mind frequenting so that you can parlay with those around you. Once you’ve positioned yourself properly, you simply parlay with those in your vicinity. You continuously do this and allow females to check you out from afar. By continuously demonstrating just how thorough you are, you turn interested women on from afar; eventually, some will come up to you to make small banter and basically get you to notice them. These females are overtly choosing up. Others, not as brave, will just begin to position themselves around you in hopes of soaking up your presence as well as getting your attention. These females are covertly choosing up.
I personally did this shit at a job I was at unconsciously. (This happens though when the ISM flows through you.) I had a fine female there that was already peeping me but assumed I was a simp at first. After I cleared up that confusion within shawty, she began hating me, so I ignored her and parlayed with everyone else around that was feeling me. Shawty peeped this and began despising me more. I continued to ignore her, but her friends took notice that she focused a lot of energy hating someone that ignored her existence. Eventually, shawty stopped telling herself that I sicken her and began being honest with herself and her friends about how she really felt. Shawty began telling her friends how fine she thought I was and began having her friends attempt to lace her so she could remove her bitch deflectors since I made it obvious--from my behavior--that bitches don’t turn me on. Finally, shawty reached out to make small banter so I could engage her directly.
That was just one story. I’ve had women do harder choosing then that. Some have just walked up to me to get with me, but you should have the gist now.

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