Lace Her with Game

Simp Adam, Slick Serpent, and Rebellious Eve

Back in the Garden of Eden, Satan did what Adam failed to do with Eve; he laced her with game.

As a man, your primary task with the lady you're with is to put her up on game that upgrades her status in life. You are to impregnate her with the seed of your knowledge and wisdom, in order for her to become the perfect reflection of your game personified. Adam, for the most part, failed to do that. The Serpent saw this weakness in Adam, saw the void inside of Eve, and took full advantage of the opportunity.

If you fail to lace your lady with that good ism, some other dude eventually will. Moreover, whoever has the ear of your lady has your lady. Body, mind soul and all.

Females automatically seek the upgrade. They want this more than anything else from a man. Even when she lies down to have sex with you, there's something about you she's determined has the potential to upgrade her in some manner. We aren’t talking about skanks here, or chicks that're going through their hoochy stage where they double-dick clutch, lick on other brawds and such. I'm referring to those females who are genuinely looking for that upgrade in life.

This is the reason women tend to go for the ballers and dudes with money.

This doesn't make them evil or shallow people. It's a basic human tendency within the feminine nature. Having access to a person with money is a definite upgrade. So females will compete viciously for the chance to get with that dude whom they perceive to be a top-notch baller.

There's much we can learn from the story in Genesis about women in general. Women are seekers of knowledge and wisdom. They tend to feel that they lack something, and if they could just obtain this elusive thing, it will make them happier or more fulfilled. That's why women are always buying the next beauty product, or new designer bag or more new shoes. They're looking for that missing thing in their life. Moreover, that missing thing is actually called game. Satan perceived this sense of lack was present within Eve and used it to seduce her to rebel against Adam and ultimately against her Creator.

That's why it's paramount that a dude is on his constant upgrade. You should always be improving your mind through reading. Read different books by different authors, in different genres. Don't just read Macking books or Iceberg Slim. Pick up an occasional biography on somebody that did some fly things in life. Check out an occasional book on history, modern philosophy, business and management, NWO conspiracies, political and current affairs. Be well-versed on many topics.

Take up a new or more advanced course of study. Check out seminars related to your field of work. Most companies offer their employees some type of courses where they can upgrade their skills and move over into management. Many even offer tuition reimbursement if you attend a college or go for some kind of certification program of study. Take advantage of these if it’s available for you.

I'm a big advocate for self-study. Take up a Rosetta course and learn to speak basic conversational Russian, then get up and book yourself a trip out to Russia for sometime next year. 

Start doing exploratory study about the area, the culture, the food and cuisine, the best places to stay for comfort. Learn about the nightlife and what there is to do. Expand yourself by developing your mind.

Do you know how rare and how fly it is for a female to meet a young dude in his 20's or 30's that's been to Russia, on his own? A guy such as this has something to offer a lady, besides just some dick. He can expand her horizons if nothing else.

Get out there and travel. See the world. If you're not able to see the world, get out and explore your local area. Explore other sides of town, other counties, and cities. Explore your own state. The average American state is the size of a European country in size. Moreover, every state has a tourism department. See what's on and popping about where you live locally.

I made it a personal goal to visit every state in the U.S. I think I'm up to about 30 now, give or take a state or two. I even went to Alaska and the Dakotas! However, that's because I like to explore and see different things. It gives you a larger perspective on the world. The world is much bigger than your little side or town or your hood.

Adam should've been getting alone with God, seeking that higher knowledge and ism that could elevate his understanding. Then he would've known what to tell Eve when he caught her gazing curiously at the very tree God had forbidden them to mess with.

Because Adam failed to lace Eve with his wisdom and game, the serpent was able to plant his knowledge seed inside of her, where it found fertile soil. Moreover, Adam ended up getting knocked for his brawd. See how deep the game is?

Go back and look at the story. The thing that intrigued Eve the most about the forbidden fruit was its beauty and its power to make one wise. She was intrigued by the prospect of gaining wisdom from this experience of rebellion. That was the upgrade. Satan offered her godhood, and you can't get your game upgraded to a status higher than godhood!

Eve was seduced by this idea, took the fruit and rebelled against her man. Rebellion is in a woman's nature. That's why as a man you can never tolerate even the slightest hint of disrespect from your lady. If she can't get herself together enough to respect your stance or receive your instruction, don't be afraid to charge her to the game. Moreover, I don't care if it's your wife. It's time out for putting up with disrespectful, ornery, rebellious acting women. Charge them difficult brawds and find yourself one who's much more cooperative.

God was displeased with Adam because it was his duty as the man to properly instruct and if necessary to check his lady. He was supposed to be giving her the wisdom upgrade. Instead, we see a picture of him receiving the wisdom of rebellion from her. Moreover, it's been a struggle for simps like Adam around the world to reclaim their rightful place ever since.

We'll talk more about these insightful lessons from scripture in the future. For now, fellas, get on your upgrade. Make it a constant in your life. Stop looking at these women for guidance and instruction, which was Adam's mistake. Moreover, stand on your own as a man who knows his place in this world, and isn't afraid to occupy it boldly. –Mack Major

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