Lions and Hyenas

Hyenas are matriarchal. The female is bigger and stronger than the male. Only the females are aggressive and tough enough to go against a lioness one-on-one; most of the males need to roll in packs to deal with one lioness. The Queen Hyena, the alpha female, is generally miserable; she's surrounded by other female hyenas always trying to take her spot and weak male hyenas who are always thirsty, but are punks, just laughing and acting the fool all the time. However, she knows she got to fuck with them, so she lays up to carry on the species. However, she's never happy, and her pack always looks ridiculous and disorganized--having civil wars, led by other female hyenas trying to take the #1 spot.

Yet, look at the lions; they're patriarchal. Shoot a lioness will go out of her way to find a lion to lead the pack. She'll challenge him of course, fight here or there, but once he dominates over her, she'll accept his leadership. She brings him the food after it's all said and done. She always challenges him, that never stops, but as long as he's able to show her why he's the shit, he can smash anytime he wants and get all the food he needs. Thus, lion packs are always organized when they're hunting. They have strategy, chemistry, and order. There aren’t any internal conflicts, or worries of back stabbing. The little male cubs respect their father's authority, and when he dies, the new one takes command, and the pack continues to function, from generation to generation.

Now when lionesses are out there hunting, every once in a while, they'll meet up with a pack of hyenas (mostly males that do the hunting). Five or six of them will go after one lioness if they can by isolating her. Moreover, they'll try to punk her out of her prey. However, most of them are too scared to go one-on-one, lest they'll get killed. However, the female hyena doesn't mind doing that. A female hyena will take a lioness on, and she'll do some damage, but she's not strong enough to defeat her alone. So they can only defeat the lioness all together as a pack. However, if while they are trying to go at the lioness, the male lion comes around, all those fucking hyenas will clear, it doesn't matter how big they are in number. Moreover, once he starts chasing the hyenas, he goes after the alpha female, and once he gets her, he snaps her neck with his jaw and leaves her there to rot. None of the hyenas come back to pick up the body. It just gets preyed upon by vultures.

Many sisters out here want to be female hyenas and lionesses at the same time. They don't want to submit to a lion. They want to remain on top. Most of them have gotten used to hanging with thirsty punks and cowards who entertain them with their laughter, but don't bring order to their lives. They don't want to be lionesses because lionesses are about business; no laughter, no jokes, and no playing around, there are things that need to be done. Even though they feel strong, they're weaker than a female lion. However, they think that they're stronger because they are surrounded by weak hyenas and envious female hyenas that want their title (kind of like hoodrats). However, once they see the top lion come around, they come face to face with the reality that they aren't that strong, and when a lion is through with them, they end up broken and never recover, left for vulture-like niggas to consume what is left.

So sad, shaking my head. –Wizdom (November 24, 2013), Courtesy of UPA

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