Last night I saw the kind of shit that really upsets me. I can’t stand Black folks in denial. I saw this one chick, her friend, and this gay dude hanging out and the girl’s friend kept touching her breast and talking about how they look like brown this and brown that and marveling at them like she was some kind of animal at a petting zoo. The chick told the guy (there was this wasted White Russian guy spitting at her) that she doesn’t know why her friend is acting like that; she also asked her friend the same thing. (I also peeped her body language and noticed that she seemed really pissed off by how her “friend” was treating her as well.) Now, people may wonder why does this bother me well, the reason it bothered me is because I’ve had folks try to do that shit to me before, but I check their asses or treat them just as condescending as they’re acting. That stuff reminds me of the slave days where slaves where brought out and looked at in spectacle as potential slave owners thought of how useful the slave on display would be. (By the way, they all were Black but the chick being fondled was dark-skinned while the gay dude and lame broad were light-skinned). Now, despite shawty acting as though she couldn’t understand her friend’s behavior, I know that this couldn’t be the first time that that’s happened. That’s some passive aggressive disrespect which must be checked at the door. Personally, I won’t even mess with a female that allows others to disrespect her in that kind of manner because they sicken me. The light-skinned chick later on attempted to dance on me for a second but I just looked totally disinterested (and was about to back away if she didn’t hurry up and get off of me). The thing about it too is that the dark-skinned 1 is an 8 on a 1-10 scale (her teeth are a little big) while the light-skinned 1 is a 9 but the disrespect she showed her friend turned me off too much.

Folks, you have to recognize passive aggressive behavior and deal with it accordingly. (By the way, if you’re still wondering why I mentioned Black folks in denial is because the way she kept mentioning the skin color of her friend’s breasts while seemingly complimenting her. Most Black folks rarely mention our skin color to each other when addressing each other. Only people that are trying to distance themselves from being Black do that stuff.) –TheKing_65 (September 21, 2013)

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