Strategic Manipulation

A lot of guys are in relationships that despite them believing that they’re in charge, their women are running the show. Women are masters of strategic manipulation. If a smart woman wants her guy to do something then she’ll drop hints about it and allow him to figure out what she means thus making it seem like he thought of it himself. If she’s really smart then she’ll praise him for being so thoughtful further reinforcing to him that he thought of the idea himself.

Here’s an example.

Jeanette: The grass is really becoming unruly, don’t you think so?

Jean: Yeah it is. It needs cutting. I’m going to cut it when I get some time.

Jeanette: Great idea!

This example is pretty simple, and guys may be thinking that he already was thinking this and she just reminded him; that’s how strategic manipulation works though. You input an idea into a person’s head and then allow them to make it seem like they thought of it themselves.

Here’s another example.

(Samantha and Andrew are getting to know each other and Samantha tells Andrew how she likes to be treated.)

Samantha: Andrew, it’s really nice when a man puts me first and treats me well. I enjoy going to the movies, and taking trips. It makes me feel special…loved.

(A month goes by and Andrew has taken Samantha out to restaurants, movies, and is now planning a trip for two for them to go to a resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Samantha is reciprocating this behavior by being very submissive and caring towards Andrew.)

Andrew: Samantha, guess what!

Samantha: What?

Andrew: I’m planning a romantic getaway for us in Cancun in two weeks.

Samantha: Andrew, you’re so thoughtful and caring! You always know exactly how to make me feel loved!

In order for a guy (or anyone for this matter) to prevent being manipulated they must first recognize what’s going on; from here they must only act on their accord, and do things that they want to do for the other person (not what the person has hinted to wanting done for them). This will prevent the person from being strategically manipulated. –TheKing_65 (May 28, 2013)

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