The Underground Empire

I recently have begun reading the most interesting book I’ve ever opened. The name of this book is The Underground Empire and this post is dedicated to Centac. :-O
The Underground Empire is a book detailing how extremely powerful criminals function, and how Centac (an organization more secretive than the C.I.A. or D.E.A.) brings them down.
In order for a criminal first to register high enough for Centac to consider him/her to be a target she/he must first have reach in at least 3 continents (40% of the world).
In the book “The Underground Empire” the author focuses on 3 particular suspects, Lu Hsu Hsui, Alberto Sicilia-Falcon, and Donald Steinburg; all of them are major drug traffickers.
Lu Hsu Hsui resides in China. Alberto Sicilia-Falcon resides in Mexico, and Donald Steinburg resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
These criminals were major in the 70s (which leads me to believe this book was written in the early 80s).
(Those names I listed are their real names by the way, so you can look them up and see that they really existed.)
Lu Hsu Hsui has a drug empire that encompasses Southeast Asia and many states within the U.S. He is connected to the prime minister of Thailand (and does drug trafficking with him) and the king of Taiwan (he received a prestigious award from him). He also owns hotels in San Francisco.
Lu Hsu Hsui is extremely discreet and aloof. He’s rarely seen in public, and only a few people have access to him. His character type is likened to a gangster (mafioso style).
Alberto Sicilia-Falcon is the cartel leader of Mexico. He controls the Mexican C.I.A. along with the Mexican government. He also has reach in South America as well as the U.S.
Alberto Sicilia-Falcon is a homosexual, and a psychopath likened to most cartel members; he has lavish parties often.
Donald Steinburg is a drug trafficker residing in the U.S. and makes the most money out of the 3. He runs a multi-trillion dollar operation; he later becomes a billionaire; his business involves 4 continents and several countries.
Donald Steinburg (the most interesting of the 3 to me) is a businessman. I type this because he hasn’t had anyone killed so far in the book, but I’m still at the beginning, so that could change.
Dennis Dayle, this isn’t his real name--no one knows his real name--is the leader of Centac. He prefers to do everything himself, so his subordinates can’t stand him because they don’t even truly understand what be going on.
The way Centac manages to bring these powerful criminals down as by bringing conspiracy cases against them; the way this works is linking criminals within their organization to them. In the book, Centac manages to bring down one particular person which leads to over 700 indictments. Centac doesn’t go hunt drugs it hunts people, and when it brings down one person it leads to the dismantlement of the organization, and Centac never fails.
This book has everything that a James Bond movie would have except that this book is true; this book even has 00 agents within it. :-O –TheKing_65 (July 29, 2013)

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