Lace & Waste of Time

I’ve seen this mentioned a few times about lacing chicks. Some people believe that when a chick is acting out and being game goofy that she needs some good game to get her back in line. I believe that when she’s doing this she needs to be left to the lames she identifies with (why reward bad behavior). You can utilize the game to whip a person into shape (if they’re still susceptible to verbal whippings) but why waste the energy? (Rhetorical) It’s far easier to pull a chick that is already receptive than to whip a broad into submission. I’ve told homies before that adults should already come with certain life skills in place along with a certain level of respect in place; if that’s missing then she needs a father not a man. We upgrade these women not raise these women. So, with this in mind, why spend time dealing with uncooperative broads. My homie’s mentor has told him before that these chicks that are hard to crack end up being the most loyal once you pull them. An OGP has even once said that if your game is on point then you can pull the most uncooperative broads and make them get down with your program. This may be true or may not be true but what remains a fact is that pimps fire hoes that can’t obey their rules; they distance themselves from hardheaded hoes that act like viruses to their stables, so with this in mind it’s fair to say that they don’t waste time on bitches that just won’t cooperate either. They lace and spend time with those that show promise. With this in mind you should focus on doing the same unless you like having headaches in your life. B-) 

One last thing that I want to add. No matter how thorough you believe your game to be, if it’s not being received than it’s just words floating in the wind. 8-) –TheKing_65 (August 4, 2013)

(The song “Comin Out Hard” came from Mississippi7414’s channel.)

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