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Happy New Year everyone!

In response to some of my fellow Macks' requests, I want to get into some deep game for a minute from a spiritual perspective. This year I'll be doing more posts coming from a spiritual viewpoint.

The Bible has a lot to say on the subject of game. One of the reasons why I believe more men don't attend church is because here in America Christianity has been largely effeminized. In its beginning, Christianity was largely a masculine religion. It began as a belief system deeply rooted in pro-masculine terminology and language; founded by a man, taught to men, carried on by men and spread around the ancient world largely by men. 

God was a Father. He had a special Son. This Son would be a kinsman/redeemer who would make all of mankind into sons of God through his ultimate sacrifice and his message. This Son would be known as King of kings and Lord of lords, who would make those who follow Him into kings and priests of the highest order. Christianity from the beginning was cloaked in dominant masculine language.

However, somewhere along the way things changed. Christianity went from a pro-masculine stance and became decidedly effeminate. I think the way it was taught during American slavery probably played a part in this. During slavery, the slave masters purposely dissected the Bible into what was teachable to the slaves and what wasn't. Passages that dealt with obedience to those in authority were mostly highlighted, along with Jesus' words about humility and meekness. This was done as a way of keeping slaves, primarily black men at the time, compliant and quiet as they were ruthlessly exploited. They basically attempted to effeminize black men through misinterpreting the Bible in order to exploit them effortlessly.

It's a common misconception that during that time black people believed their slave captor's version of the Bible. However, from way back then, there was a saying among the old-timers on the plantations: "There's another Bible inside that Bible!"

In other words, the slaves back then knew how to decipher the Bible beyond what was being taught to them at the surface level. While the white man taught them from the Bible to be good obedient servants, the slaves would study in secret how God delivered the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage. They took hold of the energy of freedom hidden within the pages of the good book, and through that energy, they were able to bend the universe to their collective will and eventually obtain the freedom they longed for and deserved. They used the power of the Secret long before it was commercialized and bundled in a DVD. Moreover, they acquired that wisdom from the Bible, at a time when most couldn't even read. We could use some of their wisdom today.

I'm not here to try and convince anyone reading this that the Bible is the truth or not. I already have my convictions about the matter. I'm simply going to show from the Bible how the rules of game and interaction between the sexes were laid out in proper order since the very beginning of recorded time.

This is the introduction to the series. I'll write on it as I get the time and inspiration to do so. It's something I've wanted to deal with for a minute now, so I feel the timing for this is right.

Using the Bible to effeminize men is an old trick. However, we see it still going on today. Reason being, because it was highly effective. We now live in a culture where men are constantly being dumbed-down, and women are being elevated. I expected to see this in general society, but it sort of caught me off guard to see it creep into the church. You'll be hard-pressed to find a church today where manhood is celebrated in its rightful place, especially in the black community.

However, you will find churches out the ying-yang where women are not only celebrated; they're actually elevated above the masculine. This, my friends, is absolutely UN-Christian, and borderline antichrist. Nowhere in the Bible will you find it written where the feminine is ever positioned above the masculine. They're not even spoken of on equal terms.

The masculine in scripture is always above the feminine. This is God's divine order, and it's also Jesus Christ's. I know that's hard for a lot of black women to swallow because they've grown accustomed to churches and pastors that go out of their way to kiss up and cater to women. If you're a Christian lady, and you're reading this, please don't stone the messenger. I'm just saying what's plainly written all throughout your Bible. Moreover, if you take the time to honestly read it, without dissecting from it the parts that make you feel uneasy, you'll see it too.

There will always be folks who will argue that the Bible was written basically during a chauvinistic period where women had no rights and men had all the rights. I've even heard pastors and preachers teaching stuff like Paul from Tarsus was a chauvinist. One can easily see how ridiculous such a statement is when you consider that 3/4ths of the New Testament on which Christianity stands was written and articulated by Paul!

I want you to learn how to peep and understand game. Churches cater to women primarily for one reason: women are emotional spenders. All it takes is a strong emotional appeal, with the choir and church band playing a moving rendition of some gospel song, and tears will begin flowing, and women will start parting their purses like Moses parted the Red Sea! Pastors know this. Certain tactics are actually taught at church-growth seminars that use emotional appeals geared at women in order to increase giving at offering time. Why do you think offering time is almost always proceeded in church by a song from the choir?

Now these types of tactics work less on men than on women. Men are a little harder to convince to part with their money because men are more rational thinkers, even about spiritual things. So, many pastors and church leaders have decided to avoid the men as much as possible and cater selective and exclusively to the females in their attendance. Why do you think churches are made up of way more women than men? This is not by accident. It's more by design.

Churches are attracting more women than men because they're teaching a form of Christianity that is far removed from the original started by Jesus and his disciples. What's being taught today is basically an effeminate gospel designed to falsely empower women. The gospel message today is specially designed to appeal to a female audience. There are little calls to personal accountability to live a clean and spiritual lifestyle. Instead, spirituality is mainly taught as weekly attendance at Bible study, church service on Sunday morning, and participation in some church group or function such as the choir or usher board.

There's little call to forsake all for the cause of Christ, little call to abandon one's fleshly desires and ego-centric living in order to embrace a higher ideal of life. Instead, what's preached is a narcissistic gospel designed to appeal to the largest group of narcissists on the planet: women. It's all about getting your personal blessing, connecting with your destiny, getting your personal prophecy, and getting your Godly husband. Me, me, me. Moreover, where is Christ in all of this?

Today's black woman has even managed to turn God into a trick!

So when does this madness end? It ends when you as men assert yourselves and grow a stiff backbone. It ends when you reconnect with your strong spiritual source, the FATHER GOD, which is your own masculine center and your very essence as a man. In Him we live, move and have our very being. In the strong Masculine center of our Being.

Abandon the worship of the vagina, which is a throwback to the days when tribes worshiped the feminine mystique. It was this that was a strong reason why God told the Israelites to overthrow and destroy the nations that surrounded them in ancient times. This was a battle between simps and Macks, played out way back then; a war that still rages to this very day. Israel worshiped the Father God. The surrounding tribes and nations worshiped the feminine gods and goddesses. And these and their simpish practices was an abomination to the strong masculine God.

This Macking thing is deep! It goes way back to the very beginning of time. Moreover, it's just as relevant today as it was six thousand years ago, more so even. In a culture of tricking and simping beyond the limits of reason, the clarion call for men to stand up and be counted as men still rings forth. The battle horn has sounded, as true-to-the-game Macks and men of solid stature are called to rise. It's time to push back the growing tide of effeminacy that has captured the hearts and minds of young boys. It's time to once again assert ourselves as the men we are, and wage war for the future of our age.

Now, I'm not advocating for anybody to go out stoning folks! Let's not get crazy. Learn how to read beyond the obvious in the Bible. The best way to stone the malefactors in our midst today is by being a shining example of masculinity that stands in stark contrast to the effeminate energy all around. We have to be like leaven or yeast that can be hidden inside of bread dough. Moreover, while it goes unnoticed, the yeast transforms the dough by causing it to rise, changing the very chemical makeup and DNA of the dough in the process.

That's how we make our mark. Moreover, that's how we are to wage our warfare. We do it by being the epitome of a Mack, by being the example of the man to be emulated and copied for the whole world to see. It falls on us to bring 'masculine' back into vogue.

Not that hyper-masculine fake gangster type of masculinity. However, the real thing. The real McCoy. The man that is self-possessed, knowledgeable on many subjects, embracing of his strong masculine Spiritual Center, able to reconnect with his FATHER God, dedicated to his craft and all about handling his business--having elevated standards especially as it pertains to women--, and able to shape his children’s' destiny and future. –Mack Major

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