A lot of black women need to step their game up

I was just at this Caribbean restaurant that I frequent where I was conversing with this Technical Sergeant (E-6). This woman was decent looking but deliberately being as difficult as possible with me. The sad thing though is that I could tell that she was feeling me and wanted me to pull her. I started the conversation by mentioning how attentive she was to this soap opera the restaurant was showing (it was the soap opera with Jennifer Hudson in it). We started conversing and she asked if I watch soaps for which I responded, “No. Most straight guys don’t watch soap operas.” Initially, she tried to debate about straight guys watching soaps with their women and bonding just like straight women watching sports to bond with their men. I responded that, “Straight guys normally don’t watch soaps. They can bond other ways.” Next she asked if I’ve ever watched soaps for which I responded, “Yeah when I was three and didn’t have a choice because my late-great-grandmother was babysitting me.” She tried to tell me that I was bonding with my late-great-grandmother by doing that for which I responded that, “I only watched because once her soaps went off I could play the video game. Also, I felt like I was being punished every second the soap was on.” Next she tried to tell me that soaps are good because that’s how life really is. I responded by telling her that soaps are a caricature of life because nobody’s life is that dramatic because if it was they’d probably kill themselves. Afterward, she asked if I watched Lifetime for which I responded, “No, straight guys don’t watch Lifetime.” She tried to tell me that Lifetime will teach you how women want to be treated for which I responded, “I’ve learned that listening to women about how they want to be treated is a terrible idea. I simply do the opposite of whatever they say, and I’m going to leave it at that.” She also, assumed that I must be a boring person then for which I responded, “I consider myself to be very interesting.” Next she did a little bit of flirting and guessed correctly about the fact that I love watching cartoons. I noticed her AFSC badge above her left breast and noticed that it looked similar to the one I wore when I was in the Air Force (USAF). I inquired about it and confirmed that she does the job I used to do. She started a friendly debate and dissed the area I worked (she works in a different squadron while I wasn’t a part of the base *the group I was attached to has its headquarters in a different state*). I turned around and did the same to her. She tried to shame me into feeling bad about doing it, but I ignored her attempt and continued with what I was saying. Afterward, I stopped talking since she didn’t seem like she was feeling me anymore. She went back to talking to me and constantly starting little debates with me. When she left she told me that she enjoyed conversing with me. I told her that she was a controversial person.

The breakdown.

While I was talking to her, I told her often that she seems like she enjoys being difficult for which she admitted she does. I let her know at the end that she was a controversial person for which she took that as a compliment. I could completely tell that she was feeling me but the feelings weren’t the same because I don’t invite problems into my life, and her actions were showing me that she enjoys being a problem. I’ve spoken to a lot of women that do what she was doing. I leave these situations alone because I don’t like challenges. I once dealt with a woman that enjoyed being difficult just to see how I’d respond to all of the challenges she threw my way. I ended up wasting a lot of time having to be meticulous about everything I said and did because she enjoyed watching me handle/play past all of the challenges she threw at me. (I eventually charged her for saying the wrong thing. *She made a joke about my mother and almost caused me to beat her ass, but instead I put her out.* She was visiting that night.) While dealing with her and the dumb challenges she kept throwing at me, I thought about charging her for that. After dealing with her, I told myself never again would I deal with a difficult person. A lot of you women that do this (intentionally choose to be difficult) shoot yourselves in the foot because smart people aren’t going to deal with unnecessary challenges for too long. Life is difficult enough without welcoming more problems.

By the way, in case you think I’m assuming that she was feeling me, she threw a few sexual innuendos in despite me not mentioning anything sexual. –TheKing_65 (May 8, 2013)

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