Fine Females and Bad Hygiene

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This post, although it may seem somewhat comical, is very serious. Nowadays, females are less knowledgeable, and less concerned, about what it takes to properly groom themselves. It used to be that females that would have bodily odors were females that were too impoverished to be able to afford to properly groom themselves; now, we have a second class of females that also happen to have this issue. These females are the very attractive females that do not wash themselves properly. The fact that we have this issue is why I actually shared the post Good Pussy Game a long time ago.
I recall once at work this female, that was very attractive, that came to work on a slow day smelling as though she had had sex earlier the day, but didn’t properly clean herself. Attractive females walking around smelling like after-sex are starting to become a common occurrence. Due to this, I take it upon myself to pull these women aside and let them know that they need to properly clean themselves; I did the same with this particular woman that we’ll call Ashley. Now, after I did this, Ashley got offended and tried to make a scene as though it would embarrass me. She even had me repeat myself to her as though I would not tell her again that she needs to clean herself properly. Afterwards, she said that she had never been told that before; I’m sure that she hasn’t. However, me talking to guys has let me know that other guys have had similar experiences, which lets me know that this is becoming a frequent occurrence. There are a small number of men that are not afraid to let women know that they need to clean themselves better. However, the fact that the majority of women nowadays that stink, aside from those impoverished, happen to be very attractive lets me know that these particular women deal with simps. Usually, we can smell ourselves before anyone else can; the only people that become immune to their odors are those that constantly stink. I know that I am not the only guy that has noticed an odor on Ashley; I’m just the only guy to ever let her know that she stinks. Guys, you have got to begin letting these women know to bathe more thoroughly so that they can stop being a hazard to the rest of our nostrils! Getting pussy should not be worth you tolerating dealing with a female’s bodily odors! You’ve got to get higher standards than this!

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