My synopsis on the 2015 Million Man March. Good and the Bad.

The March was the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in 1995, but it definitely wasn't a repeat. There were entirely too many women and small children there for it to be considered a gathering of men. The atmosphere was too festive. It was more like the Million Family March. Because of this, I believe that there wasn't a mood of testosterone that would be present in a war council. It was more like thousands of families coming out for a church cookout. In my opinion, it should've been specifically targeted for just black men and young black men ( teenagers) first, then have a female led, attended female effort; however, that would've taken place later; then, bring us all together for our places amongst each other as we take action. There wasn't a sense of brotherhood there to me because it wasn't just brothers, too much feminine and juvenile energy.
I saw so much support via my social media accounts, from sisters both celebrity and non-celebrity posting about the March in support of us black men. Many media outlets and social media outlets try to display a non-cooperative traitorous angry black woman, but I know those of the bedwench coon population are a small minority. I was never discouraged about the support our real sisters have for us, but those of us that are should've seen the outpouring of support from our counterparts in the days leading up to the rally. It was as if we were going to war and were being sent off to a parade. "March brothers!" all down my news feeds. There is no better cheerleader than the thorough black woman.
In a setting concerning us, white folks were way too comfortable. It seemed like fad participation to them from my eyes. The rumors are true, there were white folks selling items like "justice or else" pins and shirts. I saw them with my own eyes. A few black people were buying from them. In a rally instructing us to participate in group economics and supporting our own businesses bruh…just…bruh. Black folks are way too inclusive when it comes to our serious issues. Can we actually boycott Christmas if we can't even keep our dollars to ourselves at the Million Man March? *shakes head and laughs*
I saw hundreds of hands exchanging black dollars. Do we need more? Of course. However, the people that I saw bypassing other vendors support our own were lovely. Food vendors that were not black, at least where I was on the left side facing the Capitol were not closer than the black suppliers. In fact, the rally was over before I saw any other vendors and they had a different section in the district. Although it was very close, they set up after we were done.
I saw on social media people trolling celebrities like Diddy and Snoop Dogg. We go hard on black celebrities, saying they don't do enough for the community and don't show support for our issues. Yet, when they show-up, we bring up the content in their music and question their history of activism. We must stop acting like little bitches whose wants change with the direction of the wind. When are we going to build a safe-haven for those of us in the public eye for when they step out of line and is punished by the white supremacists so that they won't have to be on the low to support us?
In a time where it is easy to turn a blind eye as a black celebrity to the plight of your people. When they have enough money to disappear and say fuck all of us. They came out with their faces and their money. That should silence those that think black celebrities should fund the movement by themselves, but you know, so I say "salute" and keep supporting on the low if you feel you must, until we can insulate our own when the punishment comes.
When I first heard of this rally, I heard the minister say that we would not just be black men, but that we would come back to the District of Columbia with our native brothers, our Latino brothers and our Asian brothers. I have two brothers and they are both black. Now unless someone is an Afro-Latino he is not my brother. I debated with myself on whether I would attend because in history where we have invited many to our table only to leave with empty stomachs from a feast we prepared,
I decided to go in spite of language I didn't agree with and when I began to understand the tactic of having allies. See, because of discrimination and bigotry within Anglo-Latin peoples and Asians, I don't consider any man but black men brothers but I will work with allies. I liken it to the scenario of there being 50 men trying to get past a huge wall to get 100 loaves of bread. I need you to get past the wall just as you need me, but it's understood that we are not gathering food to take to one another's house. We are gathering to feed our own families, so let's understand the dynamic of the relationship. They already do.
I see many that disagree with the rally and have criticized those that attended. I don't agree with everything that Minister Farrakhan has done or said, neither do I agree with everything the Nation of Islam has done but if you're looking for a group or man without flaw then become a hermit. If you aren't providing a venue to enact change, then get with those that are whether you agree on everything or not. Who cares about whose organization's name is on the banner? I'm speaking specifically to the brothers right now; we have to stop acting like bitches! I've been pissing people off for a long time with my Facebook account. You know who's mostly offended and un-friends me and blocks me when I say something they don't like? Women. You know who doesn't work with those they had a spat or disagreement with? Women. You know who chooses emotion over logic many times? Women. Now, let me clear this up. A human being is not lesser than because of their gender. I'm not faulting women for their traits and I know that there are exceptions. It's ok for a woman to be a woman. If you are a man born with a Y chromosome and you act like that you aren't acting like a woman, you're acting like a bitch! We faithful to the game thorough brothers don't believe in that "gender fluidity" bullshit. A man is a man is a man, plain and simple. We gather with other men of whom we agree and disagree and we get shit done.
When I was at the march, I saw brothers from all the tribes there. The Nation of Islam, Fruit of Islam, Christians, Vodun priests, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Crips, Hebrew Israelites, Southern Brothers, East Coast Brothers, West coast Brothers, Midwest Brothers, Muslims, square Brothers, Street Brothers, and so many more that remain unnamed. What I saw after the rally was brothers understanding that although it was a feel good moment, that's not what we came for. I saw brothers linking and politicking with others from all over the world to share ideas and strategies as they planned for the call of talent held at the Marriott the next day. Even those that couldn't make it, linked with those they met there and are acting as brothers to work strategies out. -Sundiata Barca Eseer Gault

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