Uncooperative Broads are Bad for Your Psyche

(This post is for my stand up cats.)

Lately, I’ve been chatting with some of my homies about information I came upon on a forum. I could easily relate and felt the need to share this with them; now I’m sharing it here. Guys, don’t deal with uncooperative broads; charge them. Dealing with uncooperative broads in succession will mess with your psyche and misshape your outlook on life. Uncooperative broads will upset you and cause you to become harder than you’d like. They’ll turn you into a regular Mr. Hyde (monster) 24/7. Remaining in this mode will only scare people off. Uncooperative broads literally will cause you to become evil. >:-) You want to maintain the proper balance so that you won’t be stepped over but you also won’t scare people off. Master the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde approach so you can sync the right median and maintain harmony within yourself. B-) –TheKing_65 (July 11, 2013)

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