We’re in a 2nd Great Depression

This derived from here.
Despite economists stating otherwise and trying to trick people into believing that the economy has picked up, right now America is in a depression. Most people nowadays stay with their parents because they can’t afford to adequately live on their own. To go further, most people that don’t live with their folks avoid it by receiving government assistance. Some people avoid living with their parents by living with roommates and struggling together; still others avoid living with their folks by working multiple jobs. Finally, you have the people that rise above this; these folks work for decent salaries but have to do the job of multiple people—thanks to their companies downsizing—for singular salaries. A lot of salaried workers are underpaid, and most people are underemployed. The new lower middle-class now is $50K, less than that means you’re poor.

(Here’s an article that goes more in depth about the state of America’s economy now.)

By the way, in case Melanoid people are wondering why racism is so extreme nowadays, aside from the usual vitriol that White supremacists feel towards us, right now the only thing they have is their race and their need to feel superior.


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