Did you know that Magneto and Professor X were modeled after Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.?

The central ideological conflict between The X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants is arguably “should we protect or punish those that hate us?” Those conflicts, as well as the characters of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, were all taken from the Civil Rights movement and the major figures behind it.

The basic foundation is the same: both MLK and Malcolm X wanted the same thing (a nation where black people are accepted equal members of society) but were completely different in their approaches. While MLK spoke in the words of Gandhi and urged peace and integration, Malcolm X believed the hate for white Americans needed to be spread to counter the hate against the African Americans.

In the same model is Professor X and Magneto. Both wanted a world where mutants were accepted members of society living without fear of persecution. Charles Xavier believed the only way to live peacefully was to show that mutants are humans just like any others and to resist violence because of its potential to widen the social gap between mutants and non-mutants. Erik Lehnsherr, however, had no desire to be controlled by humans. He believed that the only way to gain acceptance was to fight human aggressors with a show of power. His main idea behind it was that there was no reason to suffer abuse when the power of mutants could put an immediate end to hatred directed against them. –HighLife Phi, Courtesy of UPA (June 2, 2013) (Post)

To further your argument, notice the initial character designs and affiliation. X-men, all regular looking white guys (except Angel's wings, but they made it so those can fold behind him just enough to hide), while the most obvious at that time, Mystique, couldn't fit in in her natural form. She had the power to pretend to be an oppressor, but one glance at her true self and all of a sudden she's a "dirty mutie" again. Eventually, they introduced Nightcrawler, who turned out to be her son, and lacks the option of looking normal, but is heavily religious and believes in Charles Xavier wholeheartedly. DEFINITELY relatable to the state of a lot of black people. But check out the God Loves, Man Kills story from way back. The second movie was based on it but was heavily watered down. Marvel got DEEP back in the day. –Pclarkrsa, Courtesy of UPA (June 2, 2013) (Comment)

Quote from X-Men: The Last Stand

I don't answer to my slave name.—Mystique –BLACKUTOPIA, Courtesy of UPA (June 3, 2013) (Comment)

This post reminded me of this particular Mack Lessons podcast show. “Tariq Nasheed: You Have To Give To Receive” In this show right here Tariq said some of the deepest shit ever which inspired me to do research. In this particular show, Tariq talked about The Great Depression. During The Great Depression families were starving while tycoons of the day were still thriving. However, these tycoons were unscrupulous in their day. These particular tycoons were so ruthless until they needed to clean their image to protect their assets as well as themselves doing this particularly low point in America’s history. So due to this, each tycoon created visages to give the impression of morality. They began using philanthropy during this time to give back to the poor all the while still making money behind the scenes. One of the key contributors to this (which is mentioned in the podcast) was the Rothchilds.

Now then, many people in this forum probably have heard the name but don’t know the story of the Rothschilds. To put it simple, though, the Rothschilds are the most POWERFUL family in the world. Their DYNASTY has been going strong since their founder came to power in the late 1700s. He (the original patriarch) was born poor in the ghetto but rose to power and laid the foundation for his family to become the MOST POWERFUL FAMILY in the world.


The Rothchilds are the ones that have blueprinted the banking system (even though banking went on before the birth of the original patriarch).

Now then, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a disgruntled member but the leadership in power today in India are descendants of his organization established to fight British tyranny. The family that controls and has controlled India for over 40 of their 60 years of independence is the Nehru-Gandhis. Family members of the Nehrus were prominent people fighting against British tyranny since the start of the 20th century. As a matter of fact, there is a picture of Indira Nehru (who later became Indira Gandhi through marriage) as a child with an elderly Mahatma Gandhi. (Feroze Gandhi married Indira Nehru. Feroze himself also fought alongside Gandhi against British tyranny.). These two particular Gandhis were later assassinated themselves (although their descendants and other family members are still in power now.) By the way, the Nehru-Gandhis aren’t related to Mahatma Gandhi.

As for JFK, he most likely got assassinated due to the Cuban Missile Crisis that unfolded under his watch, but while in power he really didn’t do much for the Black community; his interests were flying to the moon, and dealing with Cuba.

Malcolm X caused a lot of controversy in his day, but was still nothing more than a headache until he took his eye-opening trip to North Africa where he met fair-skinned Africans that treated him like family; from this he began to realize that his ideology of “Any Means Necessary”, and let’s have a gun fight with our white oppressors was folly and decided that this was a world issue of Colonization. This is why most likely he got assassinated. This kind of strategic thinking was dangerous then and is dangerous now.

You can find all of the information I just typed just by looking it up. 8-) –TheKing_65 (June 16, 2013) (My comment on the UPA)

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