A lot of relationships today are trick-hoe relationships.

A lot of relationships nowadays revolve around guys wining and dining bitches in exchange for sex; they’d be better off getting a prostitute. If the dynamic isn’t the trick-hoe relationship dynamic then it’s usually a jump-off relationship. The people will have nothing in common other than liking how they make each other feel sexually. Therefore, women will call it a relationship so they won’t sound like a slut, and guys will entertain the role of boyfriend so they can keep having regular sex with the female.

This link http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=165748161 just further proves this. The guy did a social experiment to showcase how rather than expending time dating, if he cut straight to the chase and says I’m willing to be your sugar daddy if you’ll be my sugar baby how many women are okay with that, hence why they harbor on the archaic notion of men protecting and providing.

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