Buck breaking: The "How To" on Conquering Black Males

This is still taking place today, but more so by using the "Nuance game" (subtle manipulation). An example of modern day buck breaking is Hip hop artists in dresses. Black athletes being "promoted" and gaining attention for being homosexual. Highlighting transgender people on magazine covers and stating that it is the "new" Civil Rights movement.

So, you have some more propaganda, that's being played out in this "New Indiana law" I'll get on how this is propaganda in minutes, so you have coons like Charles Barkley come out saying "discrimination in any form is unacceptable"--code word for black people--be homophobic if you want to; we will come and get you".

So, let’s get into this propaganda, and on how the "subtle manipulation" game works, all my conspiracy-savvy players peep game, white supremacy will often have a long-term social engineering agenda, Opinion is molded through the application of propaganda techniques using a “Problem–reaction–solution” method. Moreover, by the way, this goes for any subject matter I'm pointing out how this is being used to push homosexuality on Blacks.

Here is how this works:

1. The desired SOLUTION may be that in approximately 30 years from now (maybe one generation), homosexual dominance and no more black family unity will be socially accepted. If they wish to continue ruling black people, this is a very important step towards the white supremacist power structure.

2. The desired REACTION is that the black general public accepts homosexuality as a “necessary evil.” The systems cannot be rolled out in secrecy, so the public needs to be made aware of the agenda and take part in it. An outrage is destined to occur; therefore it is advisable to scientifically design and control such outrage via the media. The population, therefore, needs to be made “angry” about homosexuality being pushed on us, and the black (puppet) leaders serve as role models to instruct the population how the emotional and rational reaction should look like.

Just like in any myth or fairy tale, certain hero figures can serve as role model to drive the story. Most people will accept this but more active up-on-game elements of black society will try to organize resistance and such resistance has several distinct advantages for the white supremacist.

A: Resistance strengthens the process by raising awareness; it can accelerate implementation of an agenda by focusing mass consciousness (mass ritual). The universe knows existence and non-existence, but there is no way of resonating “against” something. An “anti-gay rights” discussion is, therefore, an impossibility, and it only strengthens the concept of homosexuality, just like an “anti-cancer day” strengthens the concept of cancer (this is why pharmaceutical companies organize “disease days; peep game!

B: Observable resistance serves as “honey-pot” for the system to better identify the opposition (the up on game “we are the resistance movement").

C: Resistance serves as a yardstick for expected dynamics, to measure the viability of certain chess moves and to plan the timing of an agenda. The NSA/ CIA use superpower computers to simulate the future (e.g. “Recorded Future”).

3. The PROBLEM that is thus being sketched in media in order to cause the required reaction from the public is to start a discussion about the discrepancy between family / cultural ethics on one hand and "Gay Civil Rights, on the other. This discussion is currently being stage-acted for the media by high-ranking politicians (top politicians are paid actors), some of whom are in the know and others who are “useful idiots”.

So, Mrs. Up-on-game is “upset”, the fake black conservatives is “outraged” and Mr. Coon ass nigga is “seeking a dialogue”, while the truth of the matter is, that these people are well aware of the fact that "so-called gay rights" goes much, much deeper than is being revealed and that the agenda is only being revealed on the lowest scale in order to create a reaction, which is supposed to lead to a pre-defined solution. Genius minds are employed in major think tanks to design problems and public reactions that produce pre-defined solutions.

Get this book by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti and put yourself up on game, you can get it on Amazon. -Elegba123, Courtesy of UPA (March 30, 2015)

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