Is Desoto Texas The New Black Wall Street?

Although the popular narrative from within the dominant society is that Melanoid people live in dysfunction, there are some from within the Melanoid community who beg to differ.

DeSoto, a city located in Northern Texas, boasts a Melanoid population of nearly 70 percent. Out of the total businesses owned in DeSoto, a robust 56 percent of them are Melanoid owned. Although statistics show inclusive graduation numbers regarding all racial groups in DeSoto, the city shows a 92 percent high school graduation rate of individuals 25 years of age or older, between 2009-2013 (Keep in mind that approximately 70 percent of DeSoto’s population comprises of Melanoid citizens).

According to the February 27th news report from NBC DFW, the median income of DeSoto is $60,945, with less than 10 percent of the city’s population living under the poverty line. What is interesting about members of the dominant society who are considering moving to DeSoto is that they are often turned off by the city’s large Melanoid population. Their real estate agents even ask them if they are interested in moving to this city, as if to place doubt in their minds because of the majority Melanoid presence in the city.

For the span of a decade (2000-2010), Melanoid people relocated to DeSoto by the droves, largely in part because of the high standard of living that the city promotes. If this is indeed the case, then much can be said about the collective mindsets of members of the dominant society who opt not to reside in DeSoto for trivial reasons, such as their fear and envy of affluent Melanoid people. Can a city like DeSoto, Texas provide the blueprint for cities across the country (and globe) to establish and maintain a standard of excellence that is conducive to Melanoid empowerment?

By Bryson Clark, Courtesy of Melanoid Nation (March 15, 2015)

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