You Have to be Willing to Lose Her in Order to Keep Her

Today I'm going to share with you players the one principle above all others that you must master in order to be successful with women. It not only works with women but can also be applied to anything in life. 

However, I must warn you: This is not for the faint of heart. It takes balls to do what I'm suggesting here. However, I promise that if you do, you will make a quantum leap forward in your Macking game. 

Whether you're trying to meet women by approaching them, or just attempting to maintain the relationship you already have, by mastering this one key, you will have the power to obtain incredible success with the female gender. 

Are you ready for this? I won't keep you waiting. Here it is... 

You have to be willing to lose her in order to keep her. 

I'm a big proponent of spiritual/universal Laws. Moreover, there's a principle of spirit that says: Anything you're not willing to part with, you can't have. It seems that God will only let us keep those things we're willing to give up. Moreover, this same principle applies to women. 

Learn the art of detachment 

Christians and Buddhists are taught in their respective religions to have no attachments to this earth. I call this the art of detachment or learning how to exist in this world without feeling the need for things. When we think that we need something, we have a tendency to really latch on tight to it. We become clingy and possessive; often irrationally so. 

However, this desire to possess and cling to things is really just a mental state of mind. We feel this way because we've given that thing a position of power over our lives that it should not have. We've attached our happiness to it; our joy and sorrow. We've given it too much importance in our lives. In essence, we've made a god out of it. 

When you're dealing with women and relationships, you must possess a mindset of total detachment. Keep this principle first and foremost in mind. If you're willing to let her go, you actually get to keep her; that is if the relationship is what you both want. You may decide after a while that you don't want to keep her, and that's fine. 

However, stop assigning unrealistic power to women. Stop making them the center of your life and your world. I spoke elsewhere in another post about the importance of creating your own world to live in. You have to master the art of cultivating a life and a reality that suits you just fine; one that doesn't depend on a relationship with a chick in order to find your fulfillment and happiness. 

Desiring a woman without needing to have her is absolutely liberating. It’s one of the most empowering things I know. Having a free state of mind will tremendously increase your success rate with women; if implemented properly. 

I won't wax too poetic on you with this one. It’s a simple principle, so I'll keep it simple. Just remember the title of this post, and include it in your Macking arsenal. –Mack Major

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