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Metaphysics of the Game Part 1

Alright, 1st to begin, metaphysics is the study of energy within the human body and how it relates to the world around us. This goes into the sixth sense and the third eye and third ear chakras that I have displayed from time to time on my blog. We all give off energy and this energy manifests from the mental thoughts that encompass our thinking. Our mental thoughts determine the vibe that we give off to others; it determines rather or not we give off a friendly vibe (positive energy) or a scary vibe (negative energy), a social vibe or an antisocial vibe, and rather we have high self-esteem, or we have low self-esteem. The power of positive and/or negative thinking weighs heavily on the actions that we take, and thus the results derived from our actions. This is why many business owners have read the book Think and Grow Rich; a mindset of wealth, complete with effective actions to obtain such wealth, begets wealth.

When a man values himself as such of him being a prize, then the women …

Coaching Available

To all of my fans, if you’re having issues I’m willing to address up to 5 of your concerns for $20. I’m willing to address individual questions for $5 a piece. Finally, I’m willing to have $50 1 hour Skype sessions to address any number of concerns. Feel free to hit my email

Be on the lookout for my book!

Be on the lookout for my book that I’m working on. I should’ve it out by September of 2016. It’s going to be a fictional storytelling book involving game, corporate social politics, dating, and sex. (In case people are wondering, no it won’t be about me.)

The Moynihan Report (1965) Chapter 2

Chapter II. The Negro American Family

At the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family.

It is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time.

There is probably no single fact of Negro American life so little understood by whites.

The Negro situation is commonly perceived by whites in terms of the visible manifestation of discrimination and poverty, in part because Negro protest is directed against such obstacles, and in part, no doubt, because these are facts which involve the actions and attitudes of the white community as well. It is more difficult, however, for whites to perceive the effect that three centuries of exploitation have had on the fabric of Negro society itself. Here the consequences of the historic injustices done to Negro Americans are silent and hidden from view. But here is where the true injury has occurred: unless this damage is repaired, all the effort to end discrimination an…

White Supremacy Double-Standards

APNewsBreak: Ex-Clippers owner's wife victorious in lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The wife of former Clippers owner Donald Sterling is owed $2.6 million by a woman her husband showered with gifts, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Judge Richard Fruin Jr. awarded Shelly Sterling money that was community property from six decades of marriage that was secretly spent buying V. Stiviano a house, a Ferrari and other luxury gifts.

"Shelly is thrilled with the decision," attorney Pierce O'Donnell said. "This is certainly a victory for the Sterling family whose funds were dissipated by Donald to lavish millions of dollars of gifts on a conniving mistress."

Stiviano's lawyer had argued the gifts were made when Donald and Shelly Sterling were separated and that Shelly Sterling couldn't seek them from a third party. The judge rejected those arguments.

Attorney Mac Nehoray said he and his client were disappointed in the ruling and would appeal.

The ruling, which is tentative and wi…

The Upgrade

The upgrade never ensures the bitch’s loyalty to you; all the upgrade really does is brings her to a suitable level of value and cooperation for YOU. The upgrade is not really for her; it’s for you. When a dude steps to a woman and he sees she may be a few levels below what he usually is accustomed to (mentally, physically, etc.), but he sees the potential in her to be on the team he can upgrade her. 

If she gets the upgrade and decides she is now above dealing with you, then she wasn’t what you needed on the team anyway. Once a woman shows you her treacherous side it’s incumbent on you to release that bitch to her own devices. The thing about this is that she still won’t flourish because the upgrade she got was actually being with YOU; once she forfeits her spot she really no longer has the upgrade anymore, now she only has memories.

Here's a good example:
You are a physical specimen and the chic you are kicking it with is cute but could be on bad-bitch status with some gym work, so…

The Organizations of Disorganization

Lately, it’s evident that a spike in ‘Black Consciousness’ has returned, with no signs of subsiding anytime soon. Melanoid people all over the country are flocking to purchase books that depict our history in a factual and favorable light. Our women are rightfully embracing their hair in its natural and Creator-given state. We are taking our families and loved ones to attend lectures given by our most brilliant Black minds. In the midst of this renaissance, there appears to be some individuals in our community who have taken it upon themselves to create dialogue on possible solutions.

While this may often seem like a constructive and noble gesture in the eyes and hearts of many, we must all use our “third eye” by always going into these meetings/conferences with certain questions in mind:

1. Does the individual or group that organized the meeting suggest that we (Blacks) enlist the help of people outside of the community?

This is perhaps one of the more critical questions that you must d…

Media Backhanded Compliments Brought into Fruition

Remember a few years ago when I told people about how fashion magazines like ‪#‎Elle‬ and ‪#‎Cosmopolitan‬ were low key dissing Black women by doing all these fashion spreads with Gabby Sidibe and contrasting her next to attractive white women? Well now Cosmopolitan has stopped using subliminal disses and they are straight out using racist contrast tactics against Black women while propping up white women ‪#‎Whitesupremacyisreal‬ -Tariq Nasheed (April 2, 2105) 

(You can visit Tariq’s sites at and/or
By the way, I uploaded the video from TheMaybach84 YouTube channel.)

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