The Organizations of Disorganization

Lately, it’s evident that a spike in ‘Black Consciousness’ has returned, with no signs of subsiding anytime soon. Melanoid people all over the country are flocking to purchase books that depict our history in a factual and favorable light. Our women are rightfully embracing their hair in its natural and Creator-given state. We are taking our families and loved ones to attend lectures given by our most brilliant Black minds. In the midst of this renaissance, there appears to be some individuals in our community who have taken it upon themselves to create dialogue on possible solutions.

While this may often seem like a constructive and noble gesture in the eyes and hearts of many, we must all use our “third eye” by always going into these meetings/conferences with certain questions in mind:

1. Does the individual or group that organized the meeting suggest that we (Blacks) enlist the help of people outside of the community?

This is perhaps one of the more critical questions that you must determine as you choose to attend one of these meetings. Oftentimes, our issues will be discussed in such a manner that may appear unsolvable unless we reach out to non-Black people to fund–and often lead–our movements…as if we are somehow incapable of doing the aforementioned tasks ourselves. Remember, the (outside) hand that finances your causes, RULES. Thus, they determine the course of action–or inaction–that your organization will take from that point forward. Besides, it’s a safe bet to assume that La Raza isn’t in a rush to recruit us to join hands with them anytime soon.

2. Do the individuals or groups who organize the meetings emphasize the need for us to immerse ourselves into a spiritual/religious group?

As African people, we are extremely spiritual. Many concerned Brothers and Sisters in the African/Melanoid community join certain initiatives in hopes that they will be able to make their contributions to the overall improvement of Black Society, but as the meetings commence, the organization or keynote speaker of the gathering may attempt to dupe the attendees into immersing themselves in religious rhetoric by wanting to  form prayer/meditation groups, or other forms of laissez-faire activity in regards to addressing systematic white supremacy.

3. Do the meetings that you attend become nothing more than a breeding ground for combative egomaniacs?

Unfortunately, this occurs at many African-Centered lectures, workshops, and grassroots meetings. The speaker who takes the floor will be providing valuable information, only to be rudely interrupted by a detractor who feels that actually, he or she has the “keys to the kingdom”, meaning, they have the answers…and the well-respected and credible speaker’s informative commentary should be disregarded. Because of the temperamental nature of these Brothers or Sisters, their foolish boldness at these events may or may not be planned and even encouraged by “people in high places”, so expect the unexpected.

 (You can view more videos from this channel here. –Derrick Mills)
 (You can view more videos from this channel here. –Derrick Mills)
 (You can view more videos from this channel here. –Derrick Mills)

4. Are the meetings reduced to conversations littered with defeatist talk and an energy that suggests hopelessness? 

If the dialogues in your local African-Centered meetings consist of slave-minded talk which implies that systematic racism/white supremacy is too big of a beast to slay, then immediately dismiss yourself from the gathering. Such talk has poisoned the minds and hearts of Black men, women, and children for centuries to this point, so why involve yourself with the perpetuation of the Willie Lynch Indoctrination?

There is nothing more promising than knowing that Melanoid people across the landscape of this country are feeling compelled to organize. In doing so, just determine that your organizers and colleagues in the African-Centered movements that you join are action-based, and transparent. Identifying, establishing, and enforcing a code of conduct is what our community desperately needs right now. –Bryson Clark, Courtesy of Melanoid Nation (April 5, 2015)

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