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Robert Griffin 3 and RG2 and the Black Conservative mentality explained.

I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the African American/Black psychological elements at play here, so non-African Americans/Blacks can understand and relate to the psychological situation at play here.
The problem has always been that the term “Running Quarterback, Running QB” has a racist connotation to it.
“Running QB” and “Athletic QB” over time have just become politically correct/Benign Neglect ways of saying “Black QB”. Most of us know this by now and have become culturally accepting to it.
I will be quoting Tshile from Extreme Skins forum for this as well.
"Running QB” seems to have always been used to denote a QB that had the athletic ability to run but not the “smarts” to be a real quarterback; someone that could read defenses, throw the ball accurately, and etc.There seems an obvious racist element to it.I may be splitting hairs, but I’m definitely willing to say that it was part of the whole movement by him to get out of the read option. He didn’t want to be labeled…

The Differences Pt 2 …. Serena Williams & Ronda Rousey

Something has been bothering me for the past couple of months! How can the public view of these 2 similar, but different, female athletes be so skewed? These two legends are both great at what they do and will most likely be the bar that future female athletes measure themselves to when they are competing. Both athletes are also very bold, confident, and aggressive when it comes to competition, but there is a huge discrepancy with how the “public” perceives them. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m talking about Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey! Serena is often looked at as the arrogant female athlete by many tennis fans across the world, but that’s because she doesn’t take shit from anybody; no matter if it’s an opponent, line judge, fan, or a reporter, but Ronda Rousey on the other hand, it seems is viewed as the “Great White Hope”, which I get because we dominate damn near every single sport in the world, let alone the country. This great white hope narrative has been going on f…

7 Things To Do To Make Her Act Right

Let's recap: You've been dating this female for a while now. When you first got together, you couldn't stay away from each other. Late night phone calls:

"You hang up."

"No, YOU hang up first."

Remember that?

Remember when you first got together, and she couldn't keep her hands off of you? She practically threw the panties at you anytime you wanted. Your girl was a regular porn star, but not anymore. Things have changed. You argue way more than you used to. She needs her 'space' these days, which usually entails going out with her girlfriends more often than ever before; of course 9 times out of 10, she ain't just hanging out with the girls all those nights.

Now when you call, your calls are no longer a priority. You can't seem to figure out what’s happening. The more you try and spend more time with her, the nicer and more understanding you try to be, the worse her behavior towards you gets. Moreover, let’s not even talk about sex; sex i…

The Importance Of Documentation, Naming, And Monetizing

On the Zo What Morning Show, Zo Williams, Bobby Glanton-Smith, and a few others always talk about Black people writing our own narrative. Whatever we touch turns to gold, but for some strange reason, other races of people reap the rewards, and in some cases, are the faces of people who invented the very thing we taught them.

Let's say you have a new invention that allows you to travel forward and backward through time; other black folks are visiting their ancestors from the times of slavery, visiting the kings of Africa, and Black rulers outside of Africa, and etc.; these Black folks don't pay one red cent for going back in time; the inventor isn't making any money off of it at all. Then one day, you have a non-Black person who heard about this invention from their Black "friend", I put quotes for a reason and you'll find out why; he's friendly, he's "down", can relate to the Black struggle, and he has a Black girlfriend; he talks to the inve…

Empower Yourselves Individually

Alright, since I’ve already discussed that we are in a new age of slavery, because we are already in Jim Crow 2.0, everyone, that doesn't have a business or isn't an entrepreneur, needs to have a side endeavor that they engage in to make money. Being that we are aware of the plans that this country, and on a global scale, other countries, have for us. It only makes sense to be proactive in ensuring our survival, along with steering our betterment. Group economics is a hot topic that gets discussed often, and we do need that, but we also need to empower ourselves individually too. Everyone that is dependent upon the dominant society for their financial well-being needs to have/create a side endeavor to make money just in case they happen to get fed up with dealing with the bullshit that goes on within these companies in terms of racism. At least having a side endeavor that you are engaged in allows you to have some money on the side in case you need to vacate your premises. Fur…

Worldly Game Interviews King Eric

I had a chance to interview King Eric from the blog, Escobar 300. I previously shared a post of his my blog. King Eric is an aspiring entrepreneur that lends his talents to a variety of things within the music business. He’s one of the hosts of the show Off the Cuff and he’s also a part of the Grid 10 crew.

Derrick: King Eric, Goodnight (since it’s night time) :-D. What exactly do you do in the music business, and what sparked your passion to start doing what you do?

King Eric: What I do in the music business is that I use my platform which is Off the Cuff Radio as a hip hop syndicate to give promotion to up and coming artists (whom are talented) and willing to get that push.

King Eric: What sparked my passion is my thirst for knowledge of how the game operates behind the scenes. I love dropping information to spark discussion and enlightened minds.

King Eric: It also came with a desalinated purpose because I’ve seen VJs and hip hop journalists misrepresenting the art, so I wanted to crea…

The Case for Reparations

Ever since Obama has been in office, reparations have been a hot issue. Furthermore, the issue is only heating up further with this presidential race. Moreover, our fiery requests for reparations are well substantiated. Our ancestors built America, after all. Furthermore, our ancestors’ slave labor keeps this country running. (The businesses derived from slavery are still around.) However, despite these known facts, our requests are brushed aside. Moreover, we’re given disingenuous responses such as “none of us were around during slavery” or “our country doesn’t have the money to repay that debt.” Now, my hyperlinked article dispels the argument about not being around because the money is still around. However, now it’s time to kill the argument about not being able to afford to give us reparations.
We all know that Obama’s presidency started off with dealing with the housing market crash. Moreover, this wasn’t the only financial crisis he had to deal with. Another major issue was the …

A Wasted Vote

Since it’s election season, people are gearing up for the presidency. Moreover, with the anticipation of a new president, anxiety is setting in for many Black people. Essentially, Black people are pondering what kind of harm can/will the new president cause to Black people. This isn’t the type of mindset that we should be having with a new president; however, it’s expected. No president has ever done anything specifically for Black people; not Abe or Obama. (If you look at the 13th Amendment, slavery is redefined as punishment for a crime. Furthermore, we clearly see that Obama hasn’t done anything for us.) Therefore, many Black people have taken on a “lesser of two evils” mindset when it comes to voting. However, this is the wrong mindset to have. White people vote for their further enhancement; Black people vote to prevent further disenfranchisement. Furthermore, many older Black people push the false narrative that our elders and ancestors fought for our right to vote. This is a co…

Stop Looking Through the Eyes of White Supremacists

White Supremacy is weak, lazy, and uncreative. Don't look through the eyes of White Supremacists against Black people. Let me briefly explain what I mean in my statement.

White Supremacy is weak.

In competition, you want to be the best by going up against the best. One thing White Supremacy is good for is pitting their best, with all their resources, against our weakest, with little-to-no resources. If White Supremacy was strong, it would stand toe-to-toe with our best. Do you know what it does when it goes against our best? It does one of two things:

(1) It runs and hides.

(2) It sabotages our best and blames it on us. This sabotage can be in the form of property damage, imprisonment, or death to the Black person or Black group. White Supremacy projects it's weaknesses onto Black folks and some black folks fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

White Supremacy is lazy.

When it comes to work, White Supremacists avoid it like the plague. They would rather lie, cheat, and steal than earn…

1919 Elaine Race Riot aka Massacre

The Elaine Massacre was by far the deadliest racial confrontation in Arkansas history and possibly the bloodiest racial conflict in the history of the United States. While its deepest roots lay in the state’s commitment to white supremacy, the events in Elaine stemmed from tense race relations and growing concerns about labor unions. A shooting incident that occurred at a meeting of the Progressive Farmers and Household Union escalated into mob violence on the part of the white people in Elaine (Phillips County) and surrounding areas. Although the exact number is unknown, estimates of the number of African Americans killed by whites range into the hundreds; five white people lost their lives.

The conflict began on the night of September 30, 1919, when approximately 100 African Americans, mostly sharecroppers on the plantations of white landowners, attended a meeting of the Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America at a church in Hoop Spur (Phillips County), three miles north o…

Self-Made Man: One Woman’s Year Disguised as a Man by Norah Vincent Review by The Rawness

This book covers the journey of a lesbian who disguises herself as a man for a year and then infiltrates different groups of men to see what the world of men is like. I admit, I walked into this book with a lot of preconceptions, expecting it to be more politically correct or judgmental of men; I was very pleasantly surprised. She, herself, even describes how she walked into the experiment expecting to find her worst views of men confirmed and instead found herself much more sympathetic to them than she predicted. One part I especially found fascinating was when she described how different it was to approach women as a straight man than as a gay woman, and how women were so much more hostile to her approaches when she approached as a straight guy than when she was a gay woman, and how the narcissistic, entitled attitudes of a lot of these straight women actually started making her very misogynistic and angry towards them. Hearing her describe her struggle with her growing misogyny tha…