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Coaching Available

To all of my fans, if you’re having issues I’m willing to address up to 5 of your concerns for $20. I’m willing to address individual questions for $5 a piece. Finally, I’m willing to have $50 1 hour Skype sessions to address any number of concerns. Feel free to hit my email

Be on the lookout for my book!

Be on the lookout for my book that I’m working on. I should’ve it out by September of 2016. It’s going to be a fictional storytelling book involving game, corporate social politics, dating, and sex. (In case people are wondering, no it won’t be about me.)

Just one brother’s breakdown of this G.A.M.E.

Like a lot of you, since coming here I've found myself spending a lot of time reflecting on the game, tailor fitting it for my particular style. I remember when I first started posting I described the game as Gifted At Motivating Excellence; which is still great in my honest opinion, but I felt like it needed to better represent what I feel makes up TRUE game, far beyond just spitting at some broad. So peep...

G = GemsThis, to me, is the very foundation of game; without the gems of knowledge, how is one to know how to maneuver and make the right chess moves out here in this world full of traps and pitfalls specifically set up to ensnare Black men? How is he to know how to become a man of means if he lacks the information to do so? Who in their right mind goes to do battle without the proper weaponry? Huey P. Newton said the biggest problem in the Black community is ignorance and inertia, and that still rings true to this very day. He didn't mean it as in we were stupid and lazy…

Bad Girls: Let's Be Honest Ladies, Aren't You Only Into Him Because He's Not Into You?

The authors left out one very important piece of the puzzle in their bestselling book He's Just Not That Into You. Deep down every female knows what that little piece of the puzzle is. Our perception and our reality are worlds apart when it comes to relationships today. Although our reality has drastically changed, our perception continues to remain the same.

The tired but lingering perception still holds men responsible for the majority of problems experienced in relationships; which is not to say that women are unwilling to take a little responsibility. Women often blame themselves for giving and loving too much. Interestingly enough, females tend to only give and love too much when they are involved with males that treat them badly or at the least males that show them little interest. Could it be that females continue to love males like this because it is simply in their nature to be giving and nurturing, or could it simply be that females love a challenge? If you are a male rea…

The Moynihan Report (1965) Chapter 3

Chapter III The Roots of the Problem


The most perplexing question abut American slavery, which has never been altogether explained, and which indeed most Americans hardly know exists, has been stated by Nathan Glazer as follows: "Why was American slavery the most awful the world has ever known?"12 The only thing that can be said with certainty is that this is true: it was.

American slavery was profoundly different from, and in its lasting effects on individuals and their children, indescribably worse than, any recorded servitude, ancient or modern. The peculiar nature of American slavery was noted by Alexis de Tocqueville and others, but it was not until 1948 that Frank Tannenbaum, a South American specialist, pointed to the striking differences between Brazilian and American slavery. The feudal, Catholic society of Brazil had a legal and religious tradition which accorded the slave a place as a human being in the hierarchy of society -- a luckless, miserable place, to …

Crooked NBA Referees

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Are Black Americans Able to Forgive Each Other?

As adults, we are reminded daily that accountability is necessary. However, it appears that Melanoid people across the country have a tendency to be excessively harsh toward each other, often at times when holding each other accountable is unwarranted.

Although many of us obviously have no issues forgiving people in the dominant society for the atrocities they commit against Melanoid people on a regular basis, we are quick to hold our own Brothers and Sisters on a short leash after they make minor and harmless mishaps. One example of this is when a Melanoid business owner provides a slightly below average service or product, and we will be quick to declare that we will no longer ‘buy Black’ because of the isolated experience that we had with the Black-owned business.

Another unfortunate example of our intolerance for each other occurs when one of our own becomes disgruntled with dating one particular Melanoid person, yet wants to completely write off the prospects of dating and/or marry…

A Woman Can’t “Give” You Pussy

Just another quick thought for my brothers.

A woman can’t give you pussy.  However, you can definitely give her some dick.

We’ve been taught in our society to place pussy on a pedestal. We’ve been indoctrinated into the belief that pussy is the goose that lays the golden egg. However, that’s ass backwards thinking. It’s time to raise the penis back to its place of prominence!

Understand, a man’s sexual body parts are attached to the outside of his body. This means his body is designed to give. A female’s sexual body parts are for the most part inside her body. This means her body is designed primarily for receiving. So, in this respect, a female’s pussy isn’t designed to give anything.

As a man, you need to develop the kind of mindset that says to women 'I’m offering you the pleasure of my body because I deem you worthy to share in my life energy.' Learn your self-worth. Moreover, stop thinking ‘I hope she gives me some pussy.'

That’s a misnomer. Pussy doesn’t give; it can only…